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by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Ceramic tile often be waited to profane by fat, scale, soap scum, especially white ceramic tile more will start early exposure to blond, black, etc. These problems, so how to clean the white ceramic tile is a problem in people, the sorting method of cleaning white ceramic tile, ensure no yellowing white ceramic tile.

a, decontamination creams

special decontamination creams for ceramic tile on the oil, scale, soap scum and other staining effect is very good, place of ceramic tile juncture of dirt can be easily removed. Use an old toothbrush dipped a few decontamination creams to wipe besmirch, after wiping waterproofing agent on the best hair brush, water seepage prevent mould to grow.

the tile on the scale of soap rinse with warm water first, best to dissolve soap scum, after using the brush wipe gently. Difficult to remove the stain, drop a few drops of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution, rest for a few minutes to wipe. If the oil is too thick, first with a shovel shovel or use the steel wire ball, first wipe gently, after being stains can thin, reoccupy contains acid or compounds dissolve detergent to clean.

2, anti-fouling

decontamination, prevent stains in advance is the best way to solve the problem. After polished white ceramic tile, bo exposed, oil, dirt and other easy to penetrate.

if the purchased do not table surface pollution treatment of white ceramic tile, paint the tile on the floor wax into the oil pollution prevention.

to metope ceramic tile, ceramic tile can paste on oil pollution prevention of stickers, and gaps in ceramic tile using the seam an agent, beautiful and oil resistant.

bathroom tile antifouling in daily after the shower, erase the soap foam in time, can also in the recesses of between wei yu, white ceramic tile is coated with a layer of antifouling agent, can effectively avoid soap scum. The pipe behind the easy with dirty of ceramic tile, can use a rust inhibitor or professional rust remover.
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