White cotton, linen and blending clothes fabric how to remove stains - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Special stains on the clothes is mainly due to the washing error. Serious phenomenon is served by color, string color problems. The ways to solve these problems is to adjust the color and luster, make clothes basic restore original colour and lustre.

white cotton, linen and blending clothes fabric color stain removal methods:

1, can use efficient decontamination lotion, white clothes such as bleach or color clothes brightening agent, as peel color oxidant to remove stains of color, this kind of method called oxidation method, the temperature in the 60 - 10-70 degrees 20 minutes, must keep the temperature within the effective time, this is the most commonly used methods ( White clothes bleach and color clothes brightening agent cannot be used at the same time, can only join one of these) , relatively stable and safe.

2, using the reduction method, namely in 90 degrees high temperature water with high efficiency, two copies of reagent, pull activation agent a, scouring agent dissolves, clothes is put in the need to deal with 10 - in aqueous solution For 30 seconds, and then put the handle good clothes in the clear water of low temperature soak 1 - 2 minutes.

if besmirch untreated thoroughly, can use the same method to handle back and forth, two to three times until the besmirch purify, wash clean with clear water. Such as cowboy clothing in daily fade, can use the same method processing, make the faded jeans after processing the return to the 80% new.
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