White cotton pillowcases have oils macular do _ white cotton pillowcases oils cleaning - macular Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
All hotel bedding, pillow cases is the most dirty bed is tasted! Sleep process flow saliva, metabolism of head sweat, face and scalp grease secretion, these substances penetrate the pillowcase fabrics, fabric yellowish long time is easy to happen.

many washing people all said above the pillowcase zone with common cleaning methods couldn't wash clean, so, how to clean it?

with strong degreasing powder and heavy oil emulsifying agent main washing, washing temperature 25 75 degrees, 15 - washing After 20 minutes, full of water, the last time is added in water and acid pickling, so pillowcase oils macular can handle.

for repeated washing drying the pillowcase oils of macular, can use cold water invasion bubble wash first, with a strong degreasing powder and heavy oil emulsifying agent against the water invasion bubble around 2 hours, into the washing washing, can achieve good washing effect.
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