White fabric - the best dry cleaning method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
White clothes will get dark gray in color after dry cleaning, therefore, when washing the clothes, or washed, risk accident, or can only accept the reality of dry cleaning after the effect not beautiful. Some dry cleaners run into white clothing, simply to survive. Why do the white clothes dry cleaning effect will be more bad?

dry cleaning is to use chemical solvents as cleaning solvent, such as tetrachloroethylene in dry cleaning agent ( Soap oil) Cooperate under the action of mechanical force, clothes dirt was dissolved, scour, suspended in the dry lotion. In the washing solution through continuous loop filter, make the solution in the dirt, Mainly insoluble dirt) Were cut off filter separation, solvent recovery is relatively clean. But the general effect of the soluble dirt filter is not particularly evident, so the solution to clothes in the washing & other; Secondary pollution & throughout; 。 In addition, dry washing and drying in the same drum, drying clothes in the friction generated by electrostatic adsorption residual dust, cilia, etc. , the surface impurity of the white clothing, lost original luster.

in the white clothes dry cleaning can be prepared from the following several aspects work, improve the quality of white clothes washing.

1, pretreatment before washing, clear the dirt, oil and pigment stains on the clothes.

2, keep the oil clean, dry lotion and use distilled dry cleaners, used in dry cleaning soap oil at the same time. Before wash pipe and drum cleaning, USES the minor cycle.

3, keep the air duct, washing drum clean, often clean the cilia cilia on the collector and the condenser.

4, for a small amount of white clothes dry cleaning, can use a conservative approach. Lotion to dry the clothes into the distilled solvent soak, and then use both hands, Put on the silicone gloves) Rub, wash clothes and then rinse with clean dry lotion. After washing, will be for high speed and drying clothes in the dry cleaners.
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