White fur yellow? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Fur will wear long oxidation discoloration, especially white, not wearing a few years will become yellow, the fur will not show good, no longer bright colors. This case is not something that can be solved in the cleaning, belongs to the natural phenomenon. The best advice is to go to professional fur cleaning shop dyeing, fur can if brightness is new.

mink coat only need cleaning and maintenance once a year, such as mink coat expensive clothing, will be sent to professional care shop carefully maintenance, equivalent to a year to want a mink coat for a beauty, prolong the service life of it. So that we can to ensure the long-term sustainable use of fur, let fashion can be green environmental protection.

white mink yellowing of how to deal with the

1, can be used easily volatile oil is wiped, next reoccupy wen detergents remove residual marks. Solvent gasoline after wetting with a soft brush or cloth to scrub, and then use 10% of ammonia and ammonia concentration soap scrub, finally rinse clean with warm water.

2, also can use a soft brush or cloth stained with turpentine or benzene solution scrub, and then use soap scrub, finally with clean water. If not washed down, 1:1 turpentine and ether mixture are available, and soak for 10 minutes in the mixture, and then after scrubbing out, then use gasoline wipe.
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