White pants dyeing do small coup easy to bleach - make your trousers Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Again after dyed white pants instead of to find white pants to dyeing solution is prevention first, except in the usual time pay attention to during the process of wearing, first do a faded before cleaning test is necessary.

fade check

new clothes for the first time before drowning, judged the best will fade. You can use the water to wet a cotton swabs, about five minutes in a secluded place her dress. Such as cotton swabs with colors, said should not mix with other clothes to wash clothes. If cotton has not been dyed, can rest assured, together with other clothes to wash, but it's not used hot water to wash.

separate cleaning to prevent staining

white clothes stain easily, we must pay attention to the clothes in the laundry, prevent staining. Try to separate white wash or color close together, easy to rub off the clothes must be washed apart, or white pants is easy to be dyed.

white pants junior to staining

wind cleaning

in the white trousers stained, wipe on the wind, rub a rub could soon become white.

detergent cleaning

if is caused by some oil stain, use clean first wash with clean water again can.

mature vinegar cleaning

with mature vinegar to besmear in the white trousers pollution place, can let the white pants to bleach.

salt scrub method

in the white trousers and water dyeing, wet, covered with edible salt. Again with the hand gently rub repeatedly, until the dyeing are being washed, reoccupy clear water clean sand clean can.

sodium bicarbonate cleaning

fill hot water in the basin, the dye the color white pants in, add 10 key baking soda per litre. With a bay leaf to cover clothing, place one night, the cleaning.

senior white pants to staining

hydrogen peroxide solution cleaning method

put white pants in containing bowl of cold water, then add hydrogen peroxide into the pot, until the proportion of hydrogen peroxide and water close to 1:10. Soak for about 5 minutes. With the hand rub dyeing clothes. Note: do not direct inunction clothing dyeing with hydrogen peroxide solution, into the water drops and hydrogen peroxide, try to avoid direct drop on the clothes.

bleaching liquid fulling

after the floating on the white pants with pure color wash, then bleaching liquid with a small cup with water according to 1:5 or 1:3 proportion of mixture, then brush gently with the toothbrush with bleach water mixture dyed, must gently brush a few minutes more, because it is a mixture, so the chemistry will be slightly slower, wait for will slowly to see the effect.

washing powder and detergent soak method

with more washing powder and detergent containing anionic surfactant 1:1 in warm water, put the stain in the warm water soak for half an hour or more, reoccupy hand to rub. If or not clean, all the pants in the 50 degrees above the water, add a small amount of detergent scrub, use the clothes fade to decrease the dyeing color difference.

with potassium permanganate solution of acetic acid cleaning

configure some low concentration of potassium permanganate, immerse into it will be dyed white pants, after about 15 minutes will be dark red clothes up, rinse with clear water. Then with a few low concentration of acetic acid solution, potassium permanganate soak has soaked in clothing, such as its (by dark red back to primary Including dyeing) Wash up, again. This approach to color effect is very good, and will not damage the original color white pants.
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