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by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
White dress has always been the king color choice, not only the joker, fashion, give a person a kind of pure and beautiful feeling, but easy to dirty, easy to yellow white clothes, how to washing and maintenance? Small make up to a court for you!

1, 4 l + 250 ml warm water with baking soda

methods: baking soda to soak in warm water, until dissolved. Soak the shirt in 8 hours in the water. Get up, wash clothes, it will be bright white again.

2 + baking soda, water,

methods: little su down in a bowl, add right amount water pound into paste, paste confused in the yellow place, gently brush after dry yellow trace can disappear.

3 + 1/2 cup of baking soda salt, 1/4 cup

the pot with water, and pour on the baking soda and salt, water to boil, turn off the fire. The white clothes into the pot, the next day, clean water, as white as a salt.

4, 1 aspirin + 8 litres

to aspirin dissolved in the water, clothes completely immersed in the water to soak out after eight hours after air cleaner, or aspirin mashed into a powder, poured directly into the washing machine wash clothes will not yellow.

5, 2 + 1 lemon water

put two lemon slices in the water, water switch the fire, the white clothes in one hour, to dry clothes later return to bright white. In addition, according to local yellow lemon juice, and can be applied to the color yellow, with tooth brush for a few minutes, wait for 10 minutes, rinse dry can.

6, salt

sprinkle salt on gently rubbing with besmirch, after being dry cleaning. This method is not suitable for have dry stain.

7, vinegar

add white vinegar before rinsing in clothes, to wash out the white dress is not yellow.

eight, borax 125 ml

put white clothes in the washing machine add borax in accordance with the normal process of washing borax would like baking soda whitening, to taste for clothes.

9, hydrogen peroxide, 125 ml

the hydrogen peroxide into the washing machine, add detergent, according to the normal process of washing, can.

10 1/2 baking soda + 1 cup water, 1/2 hydrogen peroxide +

mixing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and water in a bowl with besmirch place 5 - in white clothing Seven minutes after the brush to wash in cold water.
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