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by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Spring, the season of popular, his shirt and a white shirt is one of the most classic style, whether it is a party to work, go shopping or eat barbecue, either do wear, or do the build, white shirt all are applicable.

but they are too & other; Delicate & throughout; ! A little stain is touched, is very conspicuous, it is difficult to wash out, it's the rhythm of the crazy virgo! Today, small make up is to share with you a few small coup, easily solve & other; White shirt & throughout; The big problem.

a, perspiration

scouring gems: lemonade

spring temperatures and white shirt to wear for a long time, or does not timely cleaning, remaining perspiration is easy to cause it to yellow. At this time, squeeze some lemon juice in clean water, put in the white shirt soak for 10 minutes, then clean with laundry detergent, white shirt yellow place soon become white.

this is because the lemon contains citric acid and vitamin C, vitamin C good oxidation resistance, oxide reduction, the white shirt can be removed by the sweat be soiled on shirt, white back.

2, coffee

scouring gems: glycerol

for office workers, every morning or after lunch to freshen up a cup of coffee. If you accidentally spilled the coffee on the white shirt, just take off washing with hot water, can be washed.

but if old coffee stains, can join glycerin in clean water, clean for the first time, add laundry detergent after washing.

3, pen, ink printing

scouring gems: white vinegar,

whether college students or office workers, pen or pen is everyday stationery. Accidentally left a pen on the white shirt or ink?

use make up cotton or cotton swabs dipped in white vinegar in has a place of printing ink or wet apply for 10 minutes, and then rub to mark disappear. Too stubborn, can brush and a small amount of detergent scrub clean again.

4, juice

scouring gems: salt

spring is coming, all kinds of fruit are listed, every cup of fruit juice, can not only vitamin supplements can hairdressing to raise colour, if on the white shirt with the juice how to cleaning?

salt can be in corrupt place, with handle gently rub, and then rinse water wetting after immersed in detergent solution. If Chen stains to rub soap to wash with warm water.

five printing, beer, liquor

scouring gems: soda ash

for adults, the work of entertaining friends or classmates, wine is indispensable. If you are not careful spill beer on the white shirt, must not use any soap or detergent, lest make beer stains to finalize the design. Just put beer stains in clean water and rub it.

and dealing with white wine stains, can pour into baking soda to clean first, and then back into the laundry detergent to clean.

today to share a few methods to remove the white shirt common stains, everyone get here? Sure mastered these cleaning small coup, can let you of the white shirt is like new.
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