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by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Partial cleaning

white shoes how wash method one: rinse method

white artificial leather material: in the case of micro dirty shoes, with some proper cleaning agent and water with a towel and slowly wiped clean of white shoes dirty part, remember to dry, then let it dry in a cool ventilated place, do not put in the sun under the sun.

white shoes how wash method 2: alcohol cleaning

shoes for white artificial leather qualitative material, in the case of micro dirty shoes also can use alcohol to touch on the clean cloth to clean shoes, with clear water after cleaning without impact is very convenient, the maintenance of the reoccupy after wiping clean leather shoes oil daub it again, and then placed in a cool place. Do not often use and maintenance of oil, will lead to a leather shoes appear small cracks, this method effect fast and clean.

white canvas shoes material: local cleaning method can also be used to deal with, to the right amount of water and detergent mixture, wet dirty place, then with a soft brush to squeeze some toothpaste, gently brush the dirt off, and then with a soft brush with water and erases the toothpaste residue, use toilet paper to clean the area where the finish good cover, in a cool, well-ventilated place to dry naturally.

comprehensive cleaning

how wash method 2: white shoes with white toothpaste wash

if you have white shoes get very dirty, but don't know how to wash then use white toothpaste is very good method. It is recommended that you use first laundry detergent or detergent to remove the stain on your white canvas shoes, only with a white toothpaste, cleaning, canvas shoes, it's important to note that cleaning up canvas shoes should be air-dried or in the open air to dry the best. Must not get ShaGan under the sun.

warm prompt: for particularly dirty white shoes, may be about to use laundry bleach.

white shoes how washing drying

toilet paper parcel method

& other; Toilet paper parcel method & throughout; Is very old but very effective method, can be said to be good, operation is simple, finish cleaning the white canvas shoes with white toilet paper wrapped up, at this time because the white canvas shoes is wet toilet paper can easily coated canvas shoes, need to tip everyone is here, use the toilet paper can be a moderate amount of good quality of toilet paper can also be a medium of toilet paper.
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