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by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
White T-shirt is a cheap and good collocation of clothing, but also special stain easily. About she accidentally been dyed or yellowish estimates that everyone is common. So white T-shirt stained? Take a look at below.

white T-shirt stained to do these small tips to learn

a, white T-shirt dyeing do

small a coup: universal toothpaste

we all know that toothpaste are of great use, in the white T-shirt dyeing, also can use toothpaste oh ~ nevertheless premise is dyed part is small area, but also is to use white paste shape of toothpaste oh ~

small coup: bleach

to prepare a swab, dab bleach. Patience to wait for about an hour or two. When dyeing area will return to the white, then rub a rub with soap can cough up ~

small coup 3: bleach water

to prepare a bottle of white water, no, you can go to the supermarket to buy oh ~ don't need to dilute, pour in the white T-shirt stained. Patience to wait for ten minutes or so, with the hand rub a rub. Rinse again, and then rub a rub with soap, wash clean can oh ~

small coup 4: hot, soapy water

the dyed clothes a dip into clean water first, then add the soapy water boil inside. Bubble 10 minutes, with the hand rub, white clothes are all like new.

small coup 5:84 disinfectant method

white T-shirt are not afraid to rub off, so 84 can be used to solve the problem of dyeing. The 84 disinfectant diluted, soaked the clothes in it. With color, can rinse. But be sure to rinse several times, rinse clean.

small coup 6: method of washing powder + detergent

the washing powder and detergent than in warm water, dyeing clothes into it for about half an hour, then knead by hand up. If still not clean, you put the clothes in about 50 degrees of hot water, then add some detergent knead, should be can clean.

small coup 7: salt method

you add in salt water, do not need to dissolve salt, daub to be dyed, reoccupy hand knead, white T-shirt is clean.

small coup 8: mature vinegar method

be dyed with mature vinegar daub, rub the stain of color can be eliminated. If the white T-shirt is rust infected with yellow, this kind of method couldn't be better.

small coup 9: bleaching liquid fulling

with clear water wash the floating on the clothing color, then bleaching liquid with a small cup with water according to 1:5 or 1:3 proportion of mixture, then brush gently with the toothbrush with bleach water mixture dyed, must gently brush a few minutes more, because it is a mixture, so the chemistry will be slightly slower, wait for will slowly to see the effect.

small coup ten: hydrogen peroxide method

hydrogen peroxide to help pick up some cold water in containers first, quantity is not too much, to be able to soak clothes on OK. Then pour into a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the basin. Reference proportion is 1:10, a quantity of hydrogen peroxide, stir to mix well. Then put the clothes in the soak 5 minutes inside white T-shirt is dyed to do this problem.

small coup 11: potassium permanganate with acetic acid

it is a little potassium permanganate in water first, again to rinse the clothes in, should fully saturated, 10 ~ 20 minutes later, the clothes will be dark yellow. Clothes picked up, wash water; Then a little acetic acid soluble in water, put soaked clothes of potassium permanganate in acetic acid solution, the clothes will be by the dark red slowly into the original color, and dye the color place also fade away and won't damage the clothes the color of the original, sometimes to yellow clothes can also use this method.

2, white T-shirt cleaning essentials for

1, if you choose to use hot water and detergent soak decontamination, found that not enough hot water detergency, can choose to raise the temperature of hot water, let the detergent to play a bigger effect.

2, in order to avoid improper cleaning method to cause secondary pollution, white T-shirt before cleaning can be in the seams of the garment, cut a small piece of cloth to do the cleaning, and then to besmirch place clean.
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