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by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Home have some white clothes, wash for a long time will be yellow, threw a pity but can't wear good clothes. Small make up today is to give you solve these small problems, hurry up and see it!

a yellow, white clothes?

1. In order to make the white shirt, white when washing, can be in bubble good detergent solution, coupled with bleach, soak 20 & ndash; 30 minutes after cleaning. In addition, often use the water that clean out rice to wash, a white shirt is not easy to yellow; Or clothes washed, then clean water rinse is put in the drip with blue ink, also can effectively prevent white hair is yellow.

2. Wear a long white vest in yellow. Make old white vest of method is: wash them first, and then with soap or detergent knead, clean water after, rub gently with soap or detergent, rinse, then put into the plastic bag, good mouth, bask in l + hours in the sun, then rubbed out.

3. Your white socks, as long as in the hot water into the 2 & ndash; Three slices of lemon, then wash the white socks soaked after 10 minutes, socks, it is easy to wash.

4. Don't be the sun insolates, from already slowly dry in a cool place.

5. After washing clothes into plastic bag in the refrigerator freezer, take out after about an hour.

2, how to do laundry more low carbon?

before wash his clothes, put clothes in laundry detergent solution soak for 10 minutes, let the detergent and dirt dirt on clothes to work, and then washing. In this way, can make the running time of the washing machine, also can save water electricity saving. In addition, color washing, shallow depth after first. Different colors of clothes to wash, wash quickly and clean, wash can shorten than mixing them a third time.
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