Why are so many people now using hand sanitizer? Is hand sanitizer cleaner than soap?

by:Jingliang     2023-09-17
My understanding is that hand sanitizer is equivalent to disposable soap. A bar of regular soap is cheaper than a bottle of hand sanitizer. In terms of cost, soap is cheaper. But now people are paying more and more attention to hygiene. They always feel uncomfortable when a bar of soap is taken by someone else's hand and used by themselves. Hand sanitizer solves this problem very well. Every time a 'new' or 'unused' hand sanitizer is pressed, it is equivalent to a one-time use, and it looks good, unlike soap, it looks a little ugly when it is used up. And now there are various hand sanitizer tricks, which increases the fun of hand washing. For example, the hand sanitizer that presses the flower is easier to make children and babies fall in love with washing hands and develop a good habit of washing hands. There is also the disposable hand sanitizer that is popular because of the epidemic. Just knead it in your hand. It is very convenient to use when going out. Actually I personally don't think there is any particular difference between hand sanitizer and soap, it's just more convenient in different situations. The design of goods and things in society will become more and more subdivided, and some of them can indeed bring convenience and happiness to life.
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