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by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Mr. Wang, a jacket, to the laundry to wash, laundry attendant says this dress though mark is dry, but can only be washed, if the dry cleaning, out of the question to Mr. Wang himself is responsible for Mr. Wang's strange, I'm here to wash the clothes, why should wash out myself responsible for?

base fabric with a waterproof coating fabric of synthetic fiber, such as nylon silk, polyester silk or whalen shirting, also have blended fabrics, such as polyester/cotton shirting, d/cotton shirting, etc. , the coating is by PA (more part now Acrylate) 、PU( Pu) 、PVC ( Polyethylene) Such as synthetic resin composition, the structure after finishing to form a very thin mesh membrane, attached to the surface of textiles, clothing manufacture, in order to have good touch feeling, part of coating is more towards the medial, only a small amount of clothing with coating in the clothing surface state.

modern waterproof coating fabrics to remove has good waterproof function, there is light, soft, preshrunk, anti-wrinkle and keep a certain permeability. This kind of dress, tend not to feel the presence of waterproof coating, which is popular with people.

but of all the waterproof coating fabrics, that can tolerate tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning solvent is very few, most after dry cleaning will be completely metamorphism, unable to recover. And a considerable number of clothing manufacturers generally do not grasp the reality, wishful after use waterproof coating fabrics made from clothing, formal annotations for & other; Can only dry cleaning & throughout; To label their products with class. Goodwill, this is a technical error. Strictly speaking, it is misleading, and set the trap for the dry cleaning industry. Investigate its reason, waterproof coating resin, itself can be resistant to dry cleaning, and other ingredients of the coating, but can be destroyed by dry cleaners, which formed the most basic attribute of waterproof coating is not resistant to dry cleaning.

1, clothing with coating ( Apply the film) The basic information of the fabric as follows:

( A) Coating ( Apply the film) The basic situation of

1. Waterproof and moisture permeable fabric coating is composed of a certain specifications of pure cotton, polyester cotton, nylon, polyester, linen, wool, silk and other fabric as base material, with special waterproof moisture permeable polymer elastomer coating according to the specific techniques. This kind of coating fabric not only has excellent windproof, waterproof performance, at the same time has good permeability. With this kind of fabric made of clothing, to overcome the traditional coating fabric stiffness, elasticity and permeability at low temperature, shortcomings and so on in stuffy tide. Can be used for all kinds of sports clothes, winter clothes, all kinds of homework, common are: dust coat, coat, jacket, etc.

2, coating ( Apply the film) Type:

( 1) PA( Acrylate)

( 2) PU( Polyurethane)

( 3) PVC ( Polyethylene)

3, waterproof coating fabrics mainly include the

polyester Oxford cloth, nylon Oxford cloth, taffeta, polyester taffeta, pongee spinning, sand butyl satin waterproof coating fabrics such as several major categories, both the plastic coated, also has a rubber coated;

4, coating ( Apply the film) Methods

( 1) , tu: refers to the inner surface coated fabric coating fabrics

( 2) Coating: refers to the external surface of the fabric coating coating fabrics

( 2) Coating ( Apply the film) Clothing identification:

if the outer membrane, with the hand touch, will feel surface acerbity, be bored with, and there is no common textile soft touch. If the endometrium, pinched the fabric double folded at your fingertips, sliding, each other will feel acerbity, be bored with, to each slide.

( 3) Coating ( Apply the film) Clothing processing:

this kind of clothes washing label is generally & other; Only dry cleaning & throughout; , but in practice, the best processing method of this kind of clothes are washed, because in the process of dry cleaning, will cause harm to the coating, the coating to harden. But when washing, attention should be paid to several problems:

1. The receptionist must identify fabrics. And to explain to the customer.

2. If the customer insist on dry cleaning, should let the customer sign, show that coating hardening when the store can't bear the responsibility.
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