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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Composite fabrics is two or more than two kinds of fabric composite together. Composite fabrics will not necessarily waterproof breathable, actually. This is the market of myth. Strictly speaking, the waterproof breathable fabrics is composite waterproof moisture permeable films, such as a layer of membrane ( Film has a lot of kinds, such as PU, TPU, PTFE membrane, etc. ) Fabrics can be called waterproof breathable fabrics. Again strict sense, actually need to be waterproof and moisture permeable material, in fact no pressure is not breathable, otherwise, the effect was less than wind.

waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics, is a new kind of textile material, its composition by polymer waterproof breathable material ( PTFE film or TPU film) Combined with cloth composite fabric. The main function of waterproof breathable fabrics are: waterproof, moisture permeability, air permeability, insulation, windproof, warm. Tell from the production process, technical requirements of waterproof breathable fabrics are much more than high waterproof processing fabrics; On the quality of it at the same time, the waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics than waterproof fabric waterproof according to persistence.

a, functional fabrics ( TPU film composite all kinds of fabrics) The joint processing.

features: waterproof, antivirus, anticorrosive, breathable, moisture permeability, heat preservation, cold resistant, aging resistant, resistant to water, good resilience, no bubbles, environmental protection, known as the fabrics of breathing.

2, all sorts of design of high frequency embossing ( Wireless quilting) The compound.

features: soft, washable, high fastness, stereo sense is good, environmental protection.

3, cashmere, polar fleece, faux suede, plush, spandex and some superfine, ultrathin, super soft fabric composite processing.

features: soft, smooth, washable.

the product application scope: clothing, shoes and hats, bags, toys, handicrafts, baby products, home textile, bedding, mattresses, sofas, cloth art, and other industries, and national defense, medical and other fields.
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