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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Daily washing, many people are all the dirty clothes into the washing machine and ready to join detergent when washing liquid and water, such as, in principle, so the washing method is wrong. Washing powder dissolved, usually after dissolved by water can effectively clean function into full play. If use laundry detergent, liquid is easy to adhere to the surface of clothes, to make after the laundry is not clean.

so the traditional washing products, should first put the detergent completely soluble in water, then put the clothes, then wash. And laundry, change the characteristics of the liquid with washing powder, flake solid, fast dissolve, under the influence of water and dissolved completely, can deep penetration. So many brands of laundry tablets on the market, the best is the laundry tablets, we have to analyze why so many people choose it.

laundry adding surfactants is threefold, equipped with cleaning, disinfection and soft three big functions. Anionic surfactant: good decontamination, foaming, dispersing, emulsifying, wetting characteristics. Nonionic surfactant, solubility in water solubility with temperature increase and decrease. Non-ionic surface active agent with good washing, dispersion, emulsification, foaming, wetting, solubilization, antistatic, leveling, anti-corrosion, sterilizing and protective colloid and other properties.

plant enzymes, biological agents in the link to activate decontamination ingredient, remove a variety of stains, dissolve the macromolecular stain for tiny molecules, soluble in water to form soluble decontamination, detergency increase of 200%. Directly to the naked eye can see laundry laundry piece thicker than other brands, better surface smoothness, the surface is a high content of surfactant, a is worth 1. 5 even 2 pills, decontamination ability better.

laundry tablets dissolve compared to other products is also very have an advantage. The same product soluble in water, can discover, washing solution is clear, no precipitation, nothing left. Other brands of washing solution will be a white precipitation, in which it is because joined the talcum powder and corn flour, it will lower the production cost, but will have damage on clothing, washing machine, cylinder block, even blocked drain. From the point of composition, laundry tablets are all natural herbal ingredients, non-toxic harmless, healthy environmental protection, the plants with pungent aroma nor other brands of chemical composition.
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