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by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Strung together, string together color color = garment dyeing, garment dyeing is common people said. Light color clothes were contaminated by dark clothing, or the joint of two color dyeing, garment manufacturing professional term is actually called string color, sometimes also called a color.

a string color happens, clothes, why?

1, clothing fabric, the use of different textile fibers, so there is a different color fastness difference synthetic fabric color fastness than natural fiber and synthetic fiber fabrics. ( Koti armagh fabrics are natural fibers, oh)

2, lightweight clothing fabrics, high washing frequency are also prone to string color like now. ( Especially in summer)

3, in the process of washing fabric fading caused by the improper use of detergent, belongs to the protein fibers such as silk, woolen fabric, do not use strong alkali type detergent, otherwise it will cause varying degrees of fabric rub off.

4, due to improper of fabric color fastness to washing. If soaking, washing clothes for a long time, water temperature is too high, clothing when air is basked in by the sun point-blank, more than when ironing fabric can withstand temperature greatly too forcibly, wash scouring when will cause certain influence to clothing color, appear different degrees of fading phenomenon.

2, how to avoid clothing series color?

clothes in string induced main reason is that the fabric color fastness is not enough. String color usually occurs in a variety of color clothes soak for a long time didn't stir at the same time, clothing when packing also common string of color, stored string color when be affected with damp be affected with damp, also easily happened. Clothes washing fastness enough to understand the clothes, take the easy off color clothes out after washing alone. Color fastness test is very simple, put clothes skirt in the water washing powder rub down. Avoid when packing list color, first must determine whether the clothes dry, dry before packaging. To pack when whether to check the fabric color fastness to wash don't rub off, color is not stable, folded paper separated packing.

3, cross color has already happened, how to wash?

the colours if has run, we often use the wash detergent usually have a string of color on the bleaching powder, white water, insurance, AB color cleaner, etc. Their purpose is different.

bleach, almost all the fabric can be used ( Coating fabrics such as down jacket fabrics, leather disabled) , adding detergent when washing effect is better. Soak for a long time to have a role to color of string;

bleach water, only for Yu Quandi fabrics, washing color fast, effect see see;

insurance powder, powder, need to pour into 70 degrees decomposition of diluted with water. Usage and properties such as bleach water;

AB decoloring agent, points A, B two concentrate, only in the string of color coated at the same time, the string of color is gone, suitable for large quantities of string color to clean.

so, string of color is normal phenomenon, as long as we pay more attention to the washing, can be very good avoid, have you learned?
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