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by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Shrinkage is said fabric after washing dry, fabric size change, it is one of the most important performance fabric. The size of the washing shrinkage had a great influence on the specifications of the clothing and other textile products. In the process of tailored dress material, especially the system of two or more fabric joint of clothing on the second floor, must consider the size of the shrinkage, in order to make sure of the specifications of the clothing and dress requirements.

here are the major factors influencing the fabric shrinkage:

fiber composition of natural plant fiber ( Such as cotton, hemp) And plant regeneration fibers ( Such as viscose) And synthetic fiber ( Such as polyester, acrylic) Compared to hygroscopic expansion, so the shrinkage is larger, the wool is due to the scale structure of fiber surface easily felting, affecting the dimensional stability.

fabric structure under normal circumstances, the woven fabric dimensional stability is better than knitted fabric; High density fabric dimensional stability is better than low density. In woven fabrics, general tabby fabric shrinkage is less than the flannel fabrics; Knitted fabric, plain shrinkage and less than the rib fabric of the organization.

due to fabric production and processing process in the process of dyeing, printing, finishing, inevitable will be affected by the drawing of machine, and so there is a tension on the fabric. However the fabric after the water is easy to relieve tension, so we can find the fabric shrinkage after washing. In the actual process, we usually use pre shrunk to solve this problem.

wash care process of washing care including washing, drying, ironing, the three steps of each step will affect the fabric shrinkage. Such as hand washing sample stability is superior to the maximum size of the sample, and washing temperature also affects the size stability. In general, the higher the temperature, the stability is poor. Samples of drying methods on the fabric shrinkage is bigger. There are four kinds of commonly used dry way: drip dry method, method of metal mesh tile, hang dry, dry method and drum drying method.

the drip dry method of least affected by the size of the fabric, and the drum arch dry process had the greatest influence on the size of the fabric, the rest two center. In addition, according to the composition of fabric to choose a suitable ironing temperature, also can improve the shrinkage of fabric. For example, cotton and linen fabric can improve its size shrinkage hot iron. But not the higher the temperature, the better, for synthetic fibers, high temperature iron rather than improve its shrinkage, it will damage to its performance, such as fabrics of hard and brittle hair, etc. So choose reasonable care labels to washing clothes is very important.
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