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by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
My friends, are you still in for all kinds of stains on the clothes, fruit stains, perspiration wash not to drop the trouble? Do you still use strong alkaline detergent and heavy laundry detergent? In order to solve this problem, we introduced an amazing new technology from Europe & ndash; — Nano enrichment technology, and launch a new product & ndash; — The laundry.

it is well known that washing products can still contains some clean clothes & other; Active matter & throughout; , the national standard is given active matter content is greater than or equal to 15%, concentrated content is greater than or equal to 25%!

a qualified washing product must contain enough active matter content, because the active matter only reach this quantity can put the clothes clean, but many enterprises in order to reduce costs is to reduce the content of active matter, most of the laundry detergent actives content is only 15%, the rest is water, cleaning effect is very bad, at the same time, some enterprises in order to reduce costs, in the laundry detergent, washing powder added many of fluorescent agent, whitening agent to increase the effect of its products, but the fluorescent agent, whitening agent is harmful to human body, these companies not only deceive the consumers, also harm the health of consumers.

laundry tablets can quickly get high-end consumer groups, the main reason is that, instead of the fluorescent agent, brightener, protect consumers' health, also fundamentally solves the problem of traditional washing product clean power is not enough.

recently, laundry decontamination ability is investigated. Test report is as follows:

report, according to the detection of laundry piece of total active matter content as high as 47%, more than 78% because of six times on the market. The dirt ability of black carbon ( The black dirty) , and (lipase ability Namely to perspiration) , degreasing ability ( A few go all oily be soiled) 1 respectively. 2, 1. 4, 2. 3, all exceeded the standard stipulated in the national 1. Zero, and in the circulation of laundry tablets on the market these three detergency test results are only 0. 9, even can not meet the standards prescribed by the state!

in the decontamination capability, washing over traditional washing products, standing in the industry the highest, the strongest position! At the same time, the test report also shows the laundry tablets pH ( Ph) For 7. 6, close to neutral water. Compared with the strong alkaline detergent, laundry does not hurt the hand, not only does not hurt the skin also protective clothing brand new soft.

so, laundry tablets in safe without phosphorus and neutral formula at the same time, also ensure the strong cleaning power, opening the new age of laundry, is the most effective close your laundry experts!
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