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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
White clothes after dry cleaning, a gray color will darken, has been plagued by the problem of dry cleaning workers. Therefore, when washing the clothes, or to take water to wash, do not wash can only accept the reality of dry cleaning after the effect not beautiful; Or just not to wash. Why do the white clothes dry cleaning effect to be less effective than washing? It shall be from the difference between the dry cleaning and washing to find the reason.

is washed with water as medium make detergent washing liquid, under the effect of a series of physical and chemical reaction, the dirt out of the clothes into the water. There because of clothing detergent in the water, most of the dirt in the main with washing liquid when washing line. In addition, in cleaning ( Water) Attached to the clothing in the process of the floating dirt on the surface of the fiber with cleaning ( Water) The number of increase and decrease. Cleaning ( Water) The more, the more clothes clean.

and dry cleaning made with chemical solvent cleaning solvent, such as tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning agent ( Soap oil, etc. ) Under the action of mechanical force, the dirt of clothing will be dissolved, scour, suspended in the dry lotion. In the washing solution through continuous loop filter, make the solution in the dirt, Mainly insoluble dirt) Were cut off filter separation, recover relatively clean solution.

because of soluble dirt separation filter can not thoroughly, so the solution to clothes in the washing & other; Secondary pollution & throughout; 。 In addition, different from the dry cleaning and washing dry cleaning washing and drying in the same machine. Drying clothes in the rotation of the friction between the clothing produce electrostatic, make clothing off part of the dirt such as dust, cilia, suction to the clothing to pollution.

so, dry washing the colored clothes as long as reasonable operation does not necessarily appear clearly. But, in the wash white clothes, wash & the other; Secondary pollution & throughout; And in the process of drying & other; Electrostatic adsorption & throughout; Phenomenon can cause white clothes not white lost original luster.

in order to reduce the adverse factors in white clothes dry cleaning, in addition to the solution properties cannot be changed, we can from the following several aspects to do good work, improve the quality of white clothes washing. First of all to do a good job of pretreatment before washing clothes, clear the dirt, oil and pigment stains on the clothes, clean up all the clutter in the pockets, right into the dry cleaning agent and the antistatic agent ( Disinfection lotion) Reduce the electrostatic adsorption and removal of water-soluble dirt. Keep the dry cleaner and the oil clean. Regular cleaning tank, regular distillation, filtration, frequently regular cleaning button collector, filter. According to practical experience, the use dry cleaners cleaning white and light color clothes, every time want to use clean distilled solution, at the same time, the oil circuit adopts large cycle ( Oil through a filter) Washing. Keep the air duct, washing drum clean, often clean up the air duct and cleaning the cilia collection bags, regular cleaning condenser of villi, in order to ensure the quality of the circulating air, avoid fluff adsorption again.
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