Why is it so hot - laundry Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Washing clothes is people have to do every day, but don't know a lot of people use every day of soap, laundry detergent, is actually caused great harm to health, according to a report in the authority, the chemical composition of soap, laundry detergent whitening agent and so on to a certain extent can increase people with cancer, or the risk of disease of department of gynaecology, so for these things, be careful, after all, and our life is closely linked, and health is the capital of revolution!

China has 13. A population of 700 million, the average every day, every family in washing products. With cosmetic market competition present balance state, but it is still in the sales and brand strength index has won MEDALS. Also constantly updating, blockbuster launch laundry tablets, vigorously develop in the direction of healthy and green.

when you dress more wash more yellow, more wash more old, you won't be curious about the reason? You don't want to know what's the solution?

the clothes of the wash the old because you only do the surface cleaning, washing products have not into the cloth fiber layer, is equivalent to protect skin to stay on the surface. To undertake deep-seated cleanness, not only will let the clothes and the skin's surface condition is getting worse.

why do laundry tablets can do deep clean?

laundry is a natural plant formula, formed by polymer, so water soluble is extremely strong, can quickly at the speed of visible to the naked eye under the influence of water solubility, and quickly into the cloth fiber layer in the form of polymer, and release the clean effect, effectively remove dirt deep stubborn stains, which can make your clothes don't wash the yellow.

laundry sheet is very popular recently, whether on the wechat business, or in the life has been a lot of attention, because choose laundry tablets, is to choose a clean, safe choice, choose healthy.
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