Why is the decontamination ability of industrial washing powder so strong?

by:Jingliang     2023-07-20
I believe everyone knows the washing powder very well. It is an indispensable product in our daily life. The washing effect of the washing machine usually depends on the effect of washing powder to achieve a good washing effect, but how to wash it clean? Many users now think that the more washing powder you put in, the cleaner your clothes will be, but this is not the case. We must choose what kind of washing powder to use according to the material of the clothes. Xiaobian recommends using synthetic washing powder. It is better to use low-foaming or non-foaming corporate washing powder. This synthetic washing powder can be divided into three types: neutral, weakly alkaline and strongly alkaline. If it is to wash silk and wool fabrics, neutral or weak alkaline washing powder can be used. If it is cotton and linen fabrics with a lot of oil stains, it is recommended to use strong alkaline washing powder; When waiting for stained clothes, you can choose enzyme-added laundry detergent. Generally speaking, the dirt of household clothes is not so serious, and it is easier to wash clean, while industrial washing powder is mainly suitable for industries such as hotels, laundry factories, hospitals, etc., to wash those more difficult to wash tablecloths, or clothes contaminated with blood. And the requirements for cleanliness and comfort are relatively high, etc. So why is the decontamination ability of industrial washing powder so strong? The washing powder manufacturer will tell you. This is because industrial laundry detergents contain higher actives than household laundry detergents, with a variety of surfactants. There is a difference between the washing program and the temperature of the washing water when washing linen with household laundry detergent and industrial laundry detergent. Household clothes are generally washed in cold water, and can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. The process is relatively simple. The amount of linen washed in hotels, guesthouses, hospitals, etc. is relatively large, and washing machines are generally used.
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