Why is there an macular white sheet after washing? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
If after washing white sheet in the macular, using oxalic acid treatment and failed to remove, can rule out the possibility of rust or iron ion factor. And use bleach water treatment also failed to remove, may cause the macular pigments can be ruled out.

so here to analyse the cause of macular after white fabric wash one of the main factors, in some fabric such as sheet, white shirt, white underwear, the white tablecloth are cotton contain some ingredients (such as Do not contain also have, but few) , some contain cotton proportion bigger, this kind of fabric ( Except the tablecloth) In the process of using are all more or less directly in contact with human skin, it is bound to contain a lot of secretion of the skin, the skin secretion is mainly sweat gland secretion & ndash; — 99% sweat and sweat water, evaporation residue is 1%, with a certain proportion of protein.

protein content in the sweat as the structure of human body, food, seasons and different, when these proteins remaining on the white clothes or sheets, dry or wet state does not show what color, can be thought of in a & other; The recessive state & throughout; 。 But when it encounters a certain heat to coagulate and firmly fixed on the substrate, and make it yellow.

when dealing with bleach, oxalic acid, such as extremely ideal effect. This yellowing phenomenon occurred in more contain cotton fabric on white or light color, to restore the yellowing of the fabric color, there is no way to save. Enzymes for protein decomposition, but processing has solidified and fabric & other; Closely & throughout; Combined with the protein, the effect not beautiful. For less white fabric yellowing phenomenon is the best way is in the washing process to take effective measures, for example, when washing white sheets, wash generally USES 60 - master Don't quickly heated to 70 ℃, heating the preset temperature, can be divided into cast.

in the first washing powder is added when the water temperature of 40 ℃, after a period of time to gradually warmed to the preset temperature. If it is a white shirt, or underwear can choose with enzyme washing powder processing, also can be before catharsis, with 5% salt water for processing first, and then washed with detergent. And for the food with much dirt on the tablecloth, also rich in protein, also can consult when processing sheet processing methods.
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