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by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Why white leather products easy to turn yellow, how to avoid or alleviate become yellow?

there are many influence factors in white leather yellow, one is the leather making process and chemical materials; 2 it is to make ( Including shoe and ball) Technology, especially the glue has influence; The influence of the three is to use and maintenance.

the yellowing of white leather in the leather processing and coating modification with all have close relationship.

in general, naphthol light resistance is poor, easy to turn yellow, and sodium pentachlorophenol fungicide resistant performance is good, for white leather mildew, not easy yellowing; Synthetic boots agent has good light fastness, complex boots and filling of billet, has obvious whitening effect; Synthesis of the light fastness of fatliquoring agent is better than that of animal and plant oil, thus like synthetic fatliquoring agent with white leather fatliquoring;

used in the coating layer of the purity of qin chalk and cheese is higher, the light fastness is, the better, not easy yellowing coating; Leather making process, the lower the temperature of the white leather yellowing degree and the lighter; The less glue, yellow degree and the lighter.

white leather products in use process, in order to prevent its yellow, avoid sun direct insolate, avoid soaking, should be kept dry, leather product moisture content must be less than 13%, otherwise easy to mildew, especially Fang Mei south of the rain season.

don't wear it should be cloudy blow dry, put camphor ball with plastic bag, put the leather in the closed and maintenance, so as to avoid the generation of the mould, the second is often wipe with waxy white care agent, protective coating layer in good condition, reduce the strong light of direct sunlight, slow the yellowing of coatings.
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