Winter sweater dyeing do - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Dreary winter like some colour ornament is not tickler, colorful sweater supplied parts is ok, but the sweater if the string of color?

( 1) Use the edible salt ( Or strong brine) Cleaning

water wet sweater is dyed, then coated with edible salt, with the hand rub repeatedly, by dyeing will gradually disappear, and then wash clean with clear water.

( 2) Using rice water cleaning

clean with a bit thick rice water dyed sweater, can remove soak ten minutes or more.

( 3) Mature vinegar soak cleaning

with mature vinegar soak and scrub dyeing, using acetic acid we can wash away the corresponding some basic dye. But does not recommend using mature vinegar soak sweater for too long, so as not to affect the sweater itself.

( 4) Laundry detergent on-spot

now some laundry detergent has strong decontamination capability, apply laundry detergent to the dyeing, and let stand for 5 minutes after cleaning.

( 5) Bleach wash water washing

if the color is your sweater, it is recommended to use bleach wash water for washing. In the case of purify besmirch dyeing, but also can keep the original color sweater, even make it more bright.

( 6) A white flowers cover the ugly

just wash not to drop, can be dyed in place embroidered a flower or other design, or don't a logo, also is fashionable and fun, easily cover be dyed.

( 7) To the cleaner's processing

if the sweater dyeing situation is severe, and their can't solve, might as well just to get to the cleaner's. Laundry is usually large, there is specific reagents or processing method, can use more professional methods to help you solve the problem.
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