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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Modern life, especially for people living in cities, the faster and faster pace of life, everything for efficiency. Between, subway, home in the office, we have been busy, want to give you an extra time. Yet there has always been a problem bothering us, what different colors of clothes to wash?

the traditional experience tells us that each other together wash could be in the dyeing color, and destroyed our beautiful clothes. This is because in the process of washing, color fastness to the activity of poor clothes color particles under the hydrolysis, in a free state, they will once again attached onto the other clothes. But if separate to wash, and low efficiency, waste of our precious time. In the face of such situation, are we really can only do?

in view of the washing powder on the market and phosphorus in detergent were dangers to human health, choose a safe and healthy washing products is particularly important. Washing and dyeing prevention pills, using imported raw materials production, the introduction of Germany advanced scientific research technology, a kind of green environmental protection, economic and effective, advanced and convenient washing mode was born, and brought a new thinking for greening environment and health, colorful light rings in the idea is to make the consciousness of environmental protection into the life of every detail.

laundry piece what can bring to our lives change?

laundry using plant extraction, harmless, phosphorous do not contain fluorescent whitening agent, washing agent preferred color rings laundry pills, is truly green washing products, even underwear garment wash together, also need not worry about the itching, gynecopathy, hazardous substances can cause skin disease, the family up to the old man, down to the child can be at ease use.

laundry tablets, say goodbye to the heavy washing powder and detergent, every piece of light and thin, easy to store, easy to carry, using nanometer fiber materials manufacturing and become, can strong adsorption hydrolysis activity of color particles, fresh aroma, it helps remove the smell unpleasant smell, make you wash clothes more aromatic, effectively prevent clothes fade, guarantee the clothes after washing a bright color.

problem in our lives for a long time, through the use of advanced science and technology can solve easily. For our busy lives for a bit more time, from now on, laundry because of lazy, no longer and is wise. Laundry piece of shiny, change your view of the traditional washing, you must try!
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