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by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Put into use new cloth grass the slow speed of the grey hair is yellow, and use for a period of time the speed of the grey yellow cloth grass; Bed sheet, quilt cover cloth grass slow grey hair is yellow, and the speed of the grey yellow towel class fabric. Actually this kind of situation has encountered in the process of our usual washing, in his own household washing machine or hand washing clothes, light color clothes will become yellow or black phenomenon, become very ugly, also affect the mood of the customer hotel, also will affect the hotel at the same time, the grade of the hotel.

actually linen yellowing phenomenon basically has the following several reasons:

the water quality is hard

yellow cloth grass is one reason why the water washing is hard, without softening water will contain lots of organic and inorganic salt, these in the condition of salt ions including calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese ion, in the process of washing will deposit on the fabric and even into the fibers. With the increase of number of washing, deposit quantity will be more and more. Leading to a gray linen especially wipes class cloth grass, harden. If use groundwater, the phenomenon is more serious.

rinse clean

1. Poor quality of detergent or add less

this reason is one of the main reasons, use detergent with poor cannot fully wash clothes, go down for a long time, the accumulation of dirt, detergent residue, clothing will turn yellow. So not only need professional detergent, but also need the supply laundry workers need to grasp skilled detergent, time and temperature.

2. Rinse myself here, the incomplete

in the use of automatic industrial washing machine washing, after washing, there is a rinsing process, if the rinse water is not enough, or rinse time is too short, can cause rinse is not complete, wash the dirt on the wash cloth evenly attached again, also can cause fabric yellowing.

3. Use chlorine bleach after dechlorination processing not

some garment factories or textile bleaching will use chlorine bleach, but if there is no procedure of removing chlorine, chlorine residue on the fabric, linen yellow.

cloth grass turn yellow after what to do?

cloth grass turn yellow after what to do, the best way is to use bleach powder, but using hot water ( Generally need more than 60 ℃) Drowned, after washing, rinsing, fully automatic washing can use steam to heat the cold water, so as to achieve the temperature. Such as yellow serious use reductant reduction processing ( Temperature 60 ℃ or so, bath ratio and water) Normal river after 5 minutes.

the hotel, the hotel at the time of the linen to laundry factory, carefully examining washing laundry factory is clean, washing equipment is advanced, and try to pick those large scale, technology is advanced washing factory. With high quality equipment, washing technology and the triple guarantee professional detergent, cloth grass to wash up more worry.
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