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by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Washing wool coat? Wool coat is more common in winter warm coat. The cleaning method is also a special about it. Washing wool coat is really a disaster? Washing wool coat? Can you wash? Below will take you to see ~

wool coat how can wash wash it

wool coat generally should be dry-cleaned, high-grade wool or wool and other fibers blended all clothing, suggested that the dry cleaning. The principle of dry cleaning solvent is used to remove grease and dirt on clothes. Wool, cashmere and other natural fiber, tend to shrink deformation and rub off after washing, but the use of dry cleaning solvent can handle very well, which can remove dirt, and not shrink deformation.

but if you persist in water, appropriate USES neutral excluding enzyme detergent, had better use special wool detergent. If you use the washing machine to wash, appropriate use of platen washing machine, choose soft program. Such as hand washing best knead gently wash, do not use rub garment board the rubbing.

wool coat cleaning method

before sure to clean wool coat, first you have to look at the coat of the washing label, if not suitable for washing or send to the laundry washing more appropriate. Suitable for washing, use laundry detergent to wash, but should pay attention to wash water temperature cannot too high, otherwise it will damage to woolen cloth coat. As a wool coat can be washed as examples, the cleaning method is as follows:

1, the first flap the dirt on the clothes, or use special glue visible dust out of wool implement their clothes on.

2, laundry detergent soaked with special wool, where special dirty can paint before launching the lotion fully saturated, ten minutes later, the little stained with a little water. With your fingers gently knead, and then put the clothes in the water, choose according to the extent of the clothes dirty soaking time. Don't scrub brush, twists when washing.

3, soap liquid temperature control under ~ 40 ℃, water best with about 40 ℃ warm water first a few times, reoccupy cold water clear.

4, to avoid the alkaline residue on clothes, can be in the last qing dynasty add a few drops of vinegar with water, make the wool color, texture soft, bright and shiny.

5, must be used after cleaning iron and ironing clothes ironed when you put the towel on the clothes, ironing across the towel, iron can not direct contact with clothing, ironing after put the clothes in a cool, ventilated place dry.

wool coat clean at ordinary times

1, can pat clothes, first remove the dust on the clothes, then use special glue visible dust out of wool implement their clothes on.

2, again with a clean wet towel ( Towels soaked in warm water) Split the pat on the clothes, let the wet towel to absorb the oil pollution, so repeatedly.

3, if not carefully go begging on the dirty thing, must immediately clean, so as not to leave a mark. If touch oily be soiled, you should use a hot towel gently wipe again and again. Constantly wipe besmirch area gradually decreases in can make the cardigans. After they got home, remember immediately dominant towel of a small amount of neutral detergent to wipe.

wool coat after washing and maintenance

( 1) Clear dirt:

sheep woolen cloth clothing after being worn, touch dirt easily, often need to use special glue wool implement cleaned away.

avoid dust attached on the dress too long, can't clean up.

( 2) Divides knit:

every once in a while ironing clothes at a time, switch to a low temperature condition, steam electric iron will cover again on clothes ironed white towel. The iron can't direct contact with clothing, or every 2 - 3 cm, or cover with a towel.

when ironing must be soft, do not pull the clothes, if the clothes some deformation, side light torn clothes, ironing.

( 3) Keep dry

through the clothing, in ventilated good place order first, and then away.

add some desiccant dry in the cupboard.

( 4) With dust cover

if the clothes don't wear the seasons, the dust clean neatly pressed, cover with dust cover away.

wool coat maintenance

color wash (less as far as possible to do Soak) To avoid fade, match a scarf to reduce skin contact with the collar, avoid the necks of stain easily.

when in the washing wool coat so much extra attention to cough up ~ good maintenance can wear a few years no problem.
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