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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Wool coat wool? How to solve the cloth coat wool? Wool coat wool is to do a lot of people care about problems, there is a widespread, wool coat wool is generally as long as it is wool coat, dropping in imagination, just different levels. Well, what wool coat off hair, don't worry, small make up will tell what do we do wool coat wool.

wool has good absorption, put wet sex, can constantly absorbing the human body is sending out the moisture and sweat, and emissions into the air, so that the bedding dry and comfortable. Its soft luster, and full of elasticity is not easy to stain, perennial use can still maintain comfort. Wool coat wool? Below we come and see it.

wool coat wool method to do a

in daily life, wool coat wool? Actually, wool coat is woven in smokes connected with lines. If a thread broken, other parts may also have to take off the line. In the wool clothing line is the most easily neckline, cuffs and shoulder connection department. If these parts have line, want to in a timely manner to break even. Way is to use a small needle, choose fastens with color yarn will release the eye of one on one.

what to do with wool coat wool method 2

wool coat off what MAO, wool coat can choose water cleaning, you can choose to use neutral soap flakes, senior detergent or laundry soap bubble baptism into the solution, don't scrub brush cleaning wool coat, twists. Wool coat after cleaning to avoid alkaline residue on clothes, can be in the final with the qing dynasty the water add a few drops of vinegar, such clean wool coat color more bright, soft texture, and luster.

wool coat wool do method 3

clean wool coat also can choose the dry cleaning, dry cleaning out more stubborn stains. Sweater dry-clean principle is to use the solvent to remove grease and dirt on clothes, dry cleaning with solvent oil dirties, can dissolve and remove laundry with dry cleaning solvent can handle very well, which can remove dirt, more won't shrink deformation, often dry cleaning can also extend the service life of wool coat.
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