Woolen cloth coat how to cleaning and maintenance _ woolen cloth coat cleaning and maintenance method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Unconsciously woolen cloth coat has become essential to people in the winter of a costume, especially girls, woolen cloth coat can not only keep warm, also can let a female figure appear slim, reveal the intellectual elegance. But ms woolen cloth coat after change garments according to the cleaning and maintenance issues will also be a big trouble. So now know lady woolen cloth coat of cleaning and maintenance in advance or very be necessary!

ms woolen cloth coat how to cleaning? First lady woolen cloth coat and other coat certainly not suitable for washing, but if the woolen cloth coat at ordinary times are a little too dirty, we can't send every time go to the dry cleaners dry cleaning surprise, first is groaning in economy, the second is a bit a waste of time. So the usual cleaning on our own is best.

in the first place in our daily life we should pay attention to don't put anything in his coat pocket at ordinary times, even if installed will take out in a short period of time, every day to clear up inside pocket to see what stuff, like at ordinary times carelessly fall into dust, hair and so on. These things if long time in your pocket will make clothes slowly become dirty.

but in usual if accidentally contaminated by a small number of stains on the woolen cloth coat, the first step to gently dry with a clean dry towel from the place of besmirch, the second step that a clean towel soaked in warm water, The water temperature 30 - 50 degrees) And then twist dry line, as long as he doesn't drop to cover in the place of besmirch, gently pat the area again, let the stain with absorbed by towel, clean, and appropriate ironed the hair fiber. Hang dry in ventilated place.

ms woolen cloth coat wants to get better care, then in our daily life have to pay more attention to maintenance. Go back to out of pocket items in time, for example, remove dust that woolen cloth coat once a week, will be in good weather cool woolen cloth coat dry for one hour. So your woolen cloth coat can accompany you for a long time!
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