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by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
In our daily life, doing the laundry is simple and easy to do it, but if the method is wrong, the clothes will wash more and more dirty. These wrong washing method, to see if you used?

all wash together

error reason: through the clothes will have bacterial growth, namely the use of laundry detergent to clean, also can remove part of the bacteria, the hook of the bacteria can cause cross infection.

the right approach: when soaking and washing the clothes, different clothes must wash separately.

water wash all the clothes are the same

the error reason: the clothes in the water, fibre swells, wetting, stretch, because to form the heat resistance of different fiber fabric, clothing can withstand temperatures are also different.

the right approach: cotton best water temperature of 40 ℃ ~ 50 & deg; C; Wool is qualitative clothing 35 & deg; C water temperature around the most appropriate; Cleaning the hemp clothing, water temperature should be controlled in 30 & deg; C or below.

bubble is a night to wash

error reason: the soaking time is too long, the chemicals in the laundry detergent and the stain clothing is more easy to decompose, stink. Water can't drain, time is long, will into the cloth fiber, make clothes fade, aging.

the correct approach: in general, soak dirty clothes with 15 minutes advisable, even heavy layer of clothing, soaking time can't more than 30 minutes.

because the more the better

error reason: too much because it is difficult to rinse clean, water and time consuming. After washing clothes is easy to made hard sensitive skin, when the crowd wearing easy cause allergies.

the right approach: wash the clothes, should be according to add half of the amount of laundry detergent specification, if the foam is less, then gradually increase.

save together wash

error reasons: first, the weather is hot season, perspiration will remain on the clothing, the sweat soaked clothes easy to mildew, if they are subjected to laundry and other readjusting, pollution range will be expanded. Second, the accumulation of a large number of clothes to wash together, not easy to make a good contact with laundry detergent, difficult to clean.

the correct approach: the biggest time washing clothes washing machine inside the cylinder volume accounted for about 70%.

and rub the stains

error: clothes stained with fruit juice, soup, after hard rub makes stains from clothes, and even wear clothes.

the right approach: once infected with besmirch, should immediately with a clean cloth or paper towel blot, prevent contamination to other places, and then gently scrub with water and detergent.

wash not immediately drying

error reason: the wet clothes for a long time on the bacteria in the washing machine.

the right approach: 30 minutes at the end of the laundry out to dry. Once inside the laundry in the washing machine more than one hour, you should redo it again.
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