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by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Everyone knows about double should have some, double-sided? Is made up of two pieces of wool or cashmere fabrics, through the cutting process, such as the super good feel two layer suture into a thin, but can't find any stitching thread. Double-sided machine cannot compound, only is artificial, manual compound, is sewed by hand and become. General a garment need to add up all hand-made by seam length is 10 meters, need to hand sewing needle 3000 or so, so double is very high-end and expensive fabrics oh!

'what is the difference between the wool and cashmere? '

in fact, there is a difference between cashmere and wool. Wool from the sheep, collecting wool is to use scissors, each sheep can produce several kilograms of hair each year, from goat cashmere, cashmere collection with a special iron comb comb like comb my hair a little down, each sheep would produce only a few grams.

is more soft than wool cashmere

cortex content higher than wool, cashmere cashmere fiber rigidity is better than wool, cashmere is more soft than wool.

is thinner than cashmere wool

cashmere fibre fineness even, its density is smaller than the wool, circular cross section for more rules, its products than thin wool products.

is more warm than wool cashmere

the crimpness of wool is smaller than the crimpness of cashmere, cashmere fiber crimp number and crimp rate, crimp recovery were bigger, like processing for plump, soft, elastic good feel knitwear, natural comfortable wearing. Due to their high cashmere natural curl, closely packed in the spinning weaving, good cohesion force, so the warmth retention property good, is one of wool. 5 ~ 2 times.

lighter than cashmere wool

arrange thicker than the close and cashmere wool scales, its milling is bigger than cashmere. Cashmere fibre scales small, smooth appearance, fibre middle one air layer, thus its light weight, feel slippery waxy.

appearance quality is better than wool cashmere

cashmere fineness of irregularity is smaller than the wool, the appearance of the products quality is better than wool.

than cashmere wool hygroscopicity good

the hygroscopicity is better than wool, cashmere can absorb dye, not easy to fade. High moisture regain, resistance is larger.

less prone to shrinkage than cashmere wool

cashmere good reduction properties, especially not shrink after washing, good type, etc.

good alkali resistance no wool cashmere

wool acid-proof, alkali resistance is better than cashmere, is also smaller than cashmere damage in case of oxidant and reducing agent.

the ball more easily than wool cashmere

the pilling resistance of wool products usually is better than the cashmere products, but the felting shrinkage.

all in all, cashmere coat than wool coat is lighter, thinner and softer, warmer and more expensive.

▌ intuitive discriminance

because the structure is similar to cashmere fibre and wool, chemical properties, the same with general common combustion method, chemical dissolved method is hard to distinguish and identify. For ordinary consumers, through the following points.

than ordinary wool and cashmere, so there is a silky to the touch, very comfortable. Because the medulla, MAO wool is solid, and cashmere wool is no pith hollow, so by hand grasp double-sided cashmere coat will feel fairly elastic. Because of cashmere is a good animal protein, a handful and then let go, the clothes will immediately restore smooth, does not wrinkle.

'to identify the key indicators of quality double coat'

▌ shoulder

the shoulder full stereo, it more coordinately. This need to shoulder step with arrows pressing method, and a detailed ironing back armhole part.

▌ collar band

collar band place to smooth and crisp, only will be soft warm to split into two pieces of very bright and clean the surface of the fabric, then stick on double lining in suture to reach such a high quality.

▌ pocket

pocket position absolutely semmetry and unified, highly consistent with the dress more fit. Will be required to achieve this pocket in front of the clothes on first, then before, after, sleeves stitched into the garment.

▌ flat-fell seam through

the unique hidden stitch make close stitches even not exposed not wrinkle. Increase the adhesive lining make flat-fell seam firmer have bony, and even thickness.

▌ handmade knot

bar tacking place several times with the manual method of puncture needle, make the positive and negative coat knot, more strong and beautiful.

'cashmere coat and wool coat which good'

cashmere coat in many performance is better than that of wool coats, if flush with cash, buy cashmere coat will be better.

at the same time, because of the cashmere coat thin, warm and comfortable, also very suitable for old dress, so older people suggest to buy cashmere coat.

wool coat all aspects of performance is also very good, to make the coat will be more stronger than cashmere, young people also can choose and buy more.
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