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by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Crocodiles are amphibians, crocodile skin suction phenomenon as early as 1886 by the named Fictitious Figure French scientists launched a study of women, she led the two research teams, before and after in 08 years eventually solve the mysteries of the phenomenon.

she found the crocodile is not a lifetime only nest in a pond, almost every crocodile will move at least once, in a year as another source of the unknown, some may even four thousand kilometers away, for the main activity area was dangerous crocodiles in the water, every year tens of crocodiles died because of lack of water in the way. This is why we clearly prohibit hunting crocodiles but has been on the market are the cause of the crocodile skin products.

Fictitious Figure lady found in the decades of observation, there will be a fraction of the crocodile after leaving the pool, compared with its original form some small changes in the eyes. Among them, the water absorption swelling is one of the skin. Other aside, we carefully tell me about the skin suction.

Fictitious Figure lady found that the small number of special crocodile is divided into several types, one of the most number of crocodile skin to absorb moisture, almost can out two head. Fictitious Figure lady immediately caught she discovered the first suction crocodile scraping the skin back to the laboratory to research.

just a few months, she found the skin of gene sequence, the arrangement of particles varies with the skin moisture content. And the special behavior of the particles, is the skin water absorption.

it can no longer do a common bag, you want to collect it. And it's ability, maybe in the future also can used for you ( Really, you throw it into the water to soak a day will understand what I mean, well I just tell you the truth, the water will kill all the packages to squeeze out water) 。

you now understand how precious your handbag.
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