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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Men homemaking women is formed in the long process of social development, in the era of farming that division of labor is very reasonable, popular terms, means a man responsible for earn money outside, entertainment; Women are generally responsible for maintaining family; Like to take care of the children, take care of their parents, housework and so on.

social development now, however, is still a lot of women to take care of the family, active or forced to give up their ambition, concentrate on to be a housewife. It is not fair for women. Especially within the current many women should not only master, even like a man to make money for the family, both to work under pressure, but also to shoulder the burden of housework, men often can't understand, think of all this is god's truth.

looking at increasingly dry hands, have you ever injustice and bitterness? Now that life goes on, the man also won't do laundry for you to do some housework, so we can choose a able to care for their own hands product?

can't change people's traditional ideas, but hope that through the high quality product for every day to do laundry for family originally white hands less damage, with a ph neutral washing products to care for women's hands!

does not hurt the hand this characteristic, the laundry in the washing effect, cost performance, environmental health, etc are all has the advantage of higher than other products!

super concentrated:

super concentrated laundry laundry tablets using the latest technology molding, active matter content more than 60%, a thin & other; Throughout the paper &; , can make 3 kg clothes magically clean, effect particularly shocked!

the water soluble:

all can use hot water, cold water use patches, without measuring cup, follow one's inclinations, say goodbye to the dosage of winding and crazy.

efficient decontamination:

laundry is rich in active ingredients, can be more deeply clean clothes, rapid decontamination, give you different clean.

volume of portable:

volume is only about 1/5 of the other cleaning products, sharply reduce the transportation cost, convenient to carry, does not occupy a space, carry on a business trip, tourism, but clean force is 6 times of the laundry detergent, but the weight is only 1/25 of the laundry detergent.

lasting fragrant:

lavender fragrance, from opening the package, to the clothes to dry, fragrant, fresh, your clothes send out fresh fragrance. Lavender has effect of inhibiting bacterial growth.

moderate does not hurt the hand:

do not contain phosphorus, PH value is close to neutral, gentle, protecting hands, no harmful to add 100%, the real environmental protection, to protect you and your family's health.

do not contain fluorescent agent:

the fluorescent whitening agent of excessive damage skin, washing the use of advanced technology, without adding the fluorescent whitening agent, as clean and beautiful clothes, let you healthy laundry, health dressing.

low foam Yi Piao:

easy to drift 淸, water dissolves pure brightness: transparent, no precipitation after agglomeration, more environmentally friendly.
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