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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Some say, toilet can reflect the civilization degree of a place. Also, look at the toilet of a family, can see the master's health habits. If you want to have a clean and comfortable bathroom, the following tips you have to know!

waxed to mildew

the toilet damp environment, long time not to clean, ceramic tile juncture place is easy to appear small green mildew. Can after thoroughly cleaning the toilet again, in ceramic tile juncture place coated wax, it will greatly reduce the possibility of mildew.

with vinegar to clean shower

in the evening after shower, pour half a cup of vinegar in the basin, and then put some water, and then unload the shower to soak in the vinegar, the next morning, shower it completely clean and smooth flow of water.

soap to prevent mirror

apply some soap on the mirror, and then use dry cloth to wipe again, make them form a protective film to isolate the steam. If you have don't want the perfume, used to wipe the mirror effect is better.

lemon peel to smell

the lemon peel or dry tea marinated in toilet, the smell will disappear soon. If the smell is coming from inside the toilet, can light a match and throw into the toilet, can quickly eliminate smell.

clean toilet agent to wash the toilet

the lavatory agent will pour into the yellow in the toilet, soak a few minutes or so, further scrub with the brush, then rinse with water, toilet if brightness is new. If use the lavatory agent not only less dosage, better bacteriostatic fragrant, can remove peculiar smell.
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