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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Now every family has a few pieces of leather, every festival, households will wear leather shoes. But due to some family for leather care at ordinary times is wrong, lead to leather leather hard, or aging. Recently there are many clients and we say, why the stiff moldy phenomenon in a leather coat. In fact this a lot to do with your usual for leather care about ah. So you way of leather care for? Today is for you to introduce the correct way to ordinary leather care.

leather be affected with damp be affected with damp moldy processing method: using a brush and a clean cloth, will mold part is wiped clean, and then with a little oil evenly wipes ( Grinding face skin discomfort) , before the leather before wiping less obvious place to try to wipe, if produce oil seepage or discoloration phenomenon, stop using immediately when cannot recover primary colors and brush after, with hangers to hang in a cool ventilated place after about 24 hours, will the leather surface with a clean cloth. The skin of the residual oil is wiped clean.

protection should be paid attention to wearing fur leather face, prevent the leather was hard or sharp objects cut, prevent the leather with oil pollution, etc. Light face dust. Oil can timely handle with dry cloth or brush can; Wool face and rub face can use melons cloth ( Has been used, avoid to use new) Or eraser to wipe dirty place, if can't completely wiped clean, please to casa, and it is forbidden to use oil or other chemical processing.

leather should be blank on the fracture, the collection should try to avoid when folding and weight. Leather ruffle when available the steam electric iron ( Do not use steam electric iron) On leather, put a piece of silk or cotton cloth, with low temperature gently back and forth to ruffle ironing, ban iron direct contact with the surface of leather.

daily for leather care needs, like care your skin, leather coat to the life of a President.
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