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Can laundry gel be used in a regular washing machine? The answer is yes.

Can laundry gel be used in a regular washing machine? The answer is yes.


The answer is yes, the laundry gel is suitable for ordinary washing machines; whether it is a drum washing machine (except sewage or water-saving drum washing machine is not suitable for the use of the laundry gel), or a washing machine can be used with the laundry gel for washing; the laundry gel is a new type of detergent, the essence of which is to use the water-soluble film wrapped in a highly concentrated laundry detergent, and is specially designed for the washing machine. So no matter which kind of washing machine you have at home, you can use it without any worry, but the method of using laundry gel is different for different washing machines:

I. How to use washing gel for drum washing machine
When using laundry gel beads in a drum washing machine, they need to be placed correctly, and it is best to place them under the clothes or as far in as possible to avoid the beads rolling into the seal when the washing machine is turning. Laundry Gel is an innovative washing product, the inside is concentrated washing liquid, the outside is wrapped by transparent PVA water-soluble film, the film automatically melts when it comes into contact with water, so it is very convenient to use.

II. How to use the washing gel
If you have a washing machine at home, put the laundry gel directly on the bottom of the washing machine drum.

III. Precautions to be taken when using Laundry Gel
1. Please do not cut or tear the washing gel.
2. Do not use the super fast wash mode under 18 minutes.
3. Keep the product out of the reach of children.
4. Do not touch eyes or wet hands.
5. Cover the product promptly after use. Keep it sealed with the lid on.

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