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What should I pay attention to when looking for Guangdong gel factory to OEM pet bath gel?

What should I pay attention to when looking for Guangdong gel factory to OEM pet bath gel?


First of all, we have to start from the customer's needs, shovelling officers want to keep high face value for woofers, regular bathing is very necessary, especially the hundred buds sweet woof. But bathing is also a delicate, can not just brush on the OK, the choice of pet bathing gel is also a requirement, if you can not get the right formula of the bathing gel, it is easy to cause the dogs skin problems, and, when bathing the dog, do not use the body wash that is used by human beings. Because there is a difference between dog's skin and human, human skin is different from pet's skin, human skin is weakly acidic, cat and dog's skin is weakly alkaline. Although the human body wash has different functional ingredients, but mainly alkaline to neutralise, it is not appropriate to use it on pets. Therefore, when we are looking for a manufacturer to make pet bath gel in Guangdong, we must ask the factory to have the following production capacity.

I. A factory that can produce basic cleansing bathing beads.

Can produce suitable for all breeds, all hair colours are suitable for shampoo bath gel beads, this kind of gel beads cleaning-based, some of them contain special ingredients and regulating factors, such as proteins, plant extracts, etc., high-quality shampoos can be thoroughly cleaned and care of pets skin, coat.

Ⅱ. Factories that can produce hypoallergenic soap-free bathing beads

This type of pet bathing gel beads formula is relatively mild, non-irritating, generally applicable to young, or sensitive skin pets.

III. Factories that produce functional pet bath beads.
Such as soft or smooth bath beads, to achieve silky smooth effect; fluffy shampoo, to create a fluffy and light effect; moisturising shampoo, moisturising and anti-drying effect; colour enhancement and solid colour shampoos, restore and brighten the coat colour and so on.



Ⅳ. Can produce drug-type pet bathing gel beads of the factory

Such as lice, fleas, itching, bactericidal effects of pet bathing gel beads, in the process of pet bathing can be directly on the skin, can assist in the treatment of dermatological diseases, external parasites and other conditions. In addition to bathing liquids there are also hair conditioners, just as people use conditioners after washing their hair. Conditioner's main function is to form a protective film on the surface layer of hair, to better nourish and protect the hair, so that the pet's hair will remain smooth, soft, bright and not easy to knot. At the same time in the bathing process using conditioner, can be more easily combed open hair knot.
Therefore, when we choose the pet bath gel factory in Guangdong, we should start from our own customer needs, choose the factory with corresponding production capacity; Foshan Jingliang Daily Chemical Products Co., Ltd. is a good choice, Jingliang not only produces the above functions of the pet bath gel, but also has complete qualifications, there is a domestic and foreign brands of OEM experience, customised wide range of supporting a full range of; you can learn more about it, choose to cooperate with us. You can learn more about it and choose to co-operate with us.

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