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Find Guangdong laundry gel factory OEM mother and baby products to pay attention to which

Find Guangdong laundry gel factory OEM mother and baby products to pay attention to which


The baby is more delicate, adaptability resistance are not strong, and the mother is the most contact with the baby's people, the mother's state often affects the baby's health; therefore, when we do mother and baby products, we often have to take into account the mother and baby of these characteristics, choose a number of mild and low stimulation of the goods, that we find laundry gel factory OEM mother and baby products in Guangdong should pay attention to those aspects of it?

I. Phosphorus-free formula, care for mothers and babies

Laundry gel beads containing phosphorus, although it is a kind of chemical synthetic detergent with strong decontamination ability, but it not only causes pollution to the environment, but also affects human health. First of all, phosphorous laundry gel leads to eutrophication of water quality. Although the phosphorus in the phosphorus-containing laundry gel beads itself is not harmful, but after this kind of washing sewage is discharged into rivers and lakes, the phosphorus content in the water rises, and eutrophication occurs in the water quality, which leads to the frantic reproduction of various kinds of algal plants, and the wild growth of aquatic grasses, and the corruption of these aquatic organisms after their deaths, which will emit a large number of poisonous gases, such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and so on, and make the water quality turbid and stinky, and the water is lacking in oxygen, which leads to the death of aquatic organisms in the water, such as fish, shrimps and shellfishes. This leads to the death of fish, shrimp, shellfish and other aquatic organisms in the water, turning rivers and lakes into stagnant water and seriously affecting the surrounding ecological environment.

Secondly, after sodium tripolyphosphate seriously pollutes the water source, the water quality deteriorates and becomes turbid, and all kinds of harmful substances in the water penetrate into our drinking water source through the ground surface and "mix with the drinking water", thus, unknowingly damaging our health. Again, sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium silicate have a strong irritating effect on the skin. Surfactant has a strong degreasing effect, with laundry gel beads hand wash clothes, the skin surface oil is washed off, so that the skin barrier effect is destroyed, it will cause dry skin, cracked, peeling or skin inflammation, and even triggered by peeling, blistering, itching, cracking, and long-lasting; and synthetic detergents have become a source of stimulation of contact dermatitis, baby nappy rash, palmoplantar keratoderma and other common diseases, with such Clothes washed and dried with such detergents also make people itch. Therefore, we must choose non-phosphorus formula to take care of mothers and babies when we make mother and baby gel beads products.


Ⅱ. Does not contain fluorescent whitening agent, fluorescent whitening powder

Scientific studies have shown that: fluorescent agent is not easy to degrade after absorption by the body, once combined with proteins in the human body, only through liver decomposition can be discharged from the body. According to medical clinical experiments, fluorescents can cause cell mutation and may become a potential carcinogenic factor. But the addition of fluorescent agent products generally do not harm the human body, China's addition of fluorescent agent has a clear regulation: in daily necessities can not be tested migratory fluorescent substances. "Migratory fluorescent substances" means that the added fluorescent substances will be transferred to human skin or mucous membranes through washing, biting, sweating or touching. Therefore, we cannot add fluorescent whitening agents to our mother and baby laundry gels.  99% bacterial inhibition rate, especially inhibit E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

E. coli leaves the intestinal tract, it is most likely to cause urinary tract infections, such as urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, and so on, and these inflammations occur because of E. coli. In addition to these, E. coli can also cause peritonitis, cholecystitis, appendicitis, etc. Especially in infants and young children with weak resistance and the elderly, E. coli can also enter the bloodstream, thus causing sepsis. There are also some newborns within 30 days after birth, if the physical condition is weak or not pay attention to, E. coli will also enter the brain through the bloodstream, so as to pro-E. coli meningitis, affecting the intellectual development in the future. E. coli will also have a variety of diarrhoea symptoms, and people suffering from diarrhoea are usually infants and young children, as well as travellers, the degree of which varies, in addition to mild watery diarrhoea, but also may cause severe cholera-like symptoms. Diarrhoea usually resolves in two to three days, but in weaker people it can last up to several weeks.

Staphylococcus aureus infection is harmful to human body, such as Staphylococcus aureus infection can easily lead to food poisoning, skin and soft tissue infections, septicaemia, endocarditis, pneumonia, enteritis, osteomyelitis and toxic shock syndrome. In addition, the golden staphylococcus infection can lead to the destruction of white blood cells and macrophages, white blood cell deficiency, the immune system will decline, immune disease, etc. It is recommended that you go to a regular hospital, improve the diagnostic information, the doctor according to the specific circumstances of the choice of appropriate treatment programme, good luck. Therefore, generally we do mother and baby class laundry gel beads must add antibacterial ingredients, especially can inhibit Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, so we do mother and baby class gel beads products, must add antibacterial ingredients.  

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