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How can I choose a reliable scrubber gel OEM factory in Guangdong?

How can I choose a reliable scrubber gel OEM factory in Guangdong?


With the popularity of laundry gel products north and south, more and more consumers began to pay attention to and use the gel products, now there are a lot of businessmen have begun to start for the development of special scrubber gel products, the current scrubber gel market is still relatively single, so now cut into the development of scrubber gel or a certain degree of opportunity. If we look for factories in Guangdong OEM scrubber bead products, how can we choose the right OEM? Let's start from the characteristics of the scrubber beads, to see what conditions are needed to produce high quality products.

1. Scrubber beads can do quantitative use, fixed cleaning area using the corresponding single gram weight of the beads can not cause waste.
2. Scrubber beads belong to highly concentrated detergent, a scrubber with eight times the cleaning power of the scrubber beads is equivalent to eight times the volume of other liquid detergent cleaning capacity, we use the floor to wash more clean.
3. Scrubber Gel we are very convenient to do multi-functional, we can put the special fragrance, floor care and other effects of a collection of multi-chamber scrubber gel inside.
4. Lovely shape, fragrance, easy to use scrubber beads are more likely to get everyone's favour, not only the floor washed clean and can increase the fun of doing housework.
Based on the above requirements, I give you recommended Guangdong gel beads products strength foundry Foshan Jingliang Daily Chemical Products Co:

I. Advanced production equipment, abundant production capacity.
Anna bright equipped with sophisticated instruments, a number of sets of international emulsification, automatic filling, sterilization, inspection and testing equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced management concepts, has a perfect quality control system, were set up in the R & D centre, production and manufacturing centre, quality control centre, cost control centre, customer service centre and other six core departments, to ensure the stability of the product;

II. Senior dispensing experts
Employing R & D technology mature domestic well-known universities and technical experts as permanent technical consultants; years of R & D experience, accumulated a variety of mature R & D formulations; rigorous R & D process (formula test - flavour screening - package testing - process debugging), quality and quantity;

Three. High-quality raw materials and supply chain advantages
We have a wide range of raw materials, Anna can use both imported water-soluble film, you can also use our self-developed water-soluble film, our parent company Bowie self-developed water-soluble film with the international brand can be biodegradable, soluble in water, etc., and our self-developed film can ensure that the film and beads of liquid, film and packaging machine can have a very good compatibility; but also so that our supply chain will be more stable, less subject to external interference, can guarantee the delivery of the product, and can ensure the quality of the product. We can guarantee the delivery time with less interference from outside.

IV. Formulation Advantage
We have our own formulation R & D team, can provide you with more colours, fragrance, function choices; and can achieve a variety of functional compatibility and multi-functionality, our production of gel beads with strong fragrance, safe and convenient to use, washing ability and softening effect of the characteristics of a better. Good load-bearing, can withstand fifteen kilograms of soft pressure, good weather resistance, the use of a way is a handle!

V. The overall advantages of the elite bright factory
Essence of bright daily chemical is committed to building - the world's largest water-soluble packaging production base. Anna bright daily chemical OEM four major advantages: province, fast, full, big.
① Save: save money and time for customers, large-scale production can provide the best cost, the best delivery time.
② Fast: fast response to customers, focusing on equipment, film development advantages to provide customers with tailored personalised products.
③ Full: complete categories, comprehensive development capabilities, can provide a variety of series, a variety of shapes, a variety of applications.
Large: 20 professional production lines, 75 acres of land to be built to work with you.

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