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What to pay attention to in Guangdong to find gel beads factory OEM dishwashing gel beads

What to pay attention to in Guangdong to find gel beads factory OEM dishwashing gel beads


After years of development, dishwasher has become a modern family in addition to the regular home S electricity, the most should be configured appliances. But to this day for a variety of reasons there are still many people on the use of dishwasher dishwashing is very resistant to, is because in the use of dishwashers often appear the following kinds of problems: 1, open the dishwasher door, there is a great deal of odour coming from the face; 2, the dishes are not washed clean, there is a clear residue of grease and dirt 3, the dishes touch the feel of slippery. Therefore, when we look for a gel bead factory in Guangdong to produce dishwashing beads, we must look for a dishwashing gel bead that can produce a multi-functional all-in-one dishwashing bead, and a gel bead can solve all the problems. Therefore, when we choose to cooperate with the factory, we should focus on the following aspects.

I. Relative to other detergents dishwashing gel advantages
Let's look at it from the dishwasher's point of view, these consumables are easier to understand and compare. The vast majority of dishwashers have three feed ports, the main feed port on the inside of the door, the secondary feed port, and the bottom feed port on the bottom. The main feed opening is used for washing consumables, such as dishwashing powder, dishwashing cubes, and dishwashing gel, which are used to clean grease from dishes, somewhat similar to laundry detergent or liquid detergent in a washing machine. The secondary feeding port is used to put auxiliary washing consumables, such as rinsing agent, which is used to improve the washing effect and increase the brightness of dishes, somewhat similar to the softener in the washing machine. The bottom feeding port is used to put dishwashing salt, dishwashing salt can adjust the softness of the water, reduce limescale water stains, but also conducive to the normal operation of the dishwasher. The lower rack basket holds the dishwasher detergent. Dishwasher detergent is used to clean and maintain the dishwasher machine by removing dirt and limescale from the crevices and corners of the inner liner to maintain the dishwasher in optimal working condition. Of all the dishwasher consumables, dishwashing gel is one of the most unique. This is because all other consumables are single-function, and you can't go wrong with dishwashing powders/blocks, rinsing agents, and dishwashing salts when washing in a dishwasher. Dishwashing gel is a mixture of washing powder and multi-purpose liquid, mixed in a certain proportion and then wrapped in a film to form a dishwashing gel. In addition to replacing dishwashing powder/block, it can also replace rinse agent, water softening salt, and body cleaner, so it has N functions in one.

II. Dishwashing beads manufacturer selection criteria
By comparing the dishwashing gel with other washing products, we found that the reason why dishwashing gel can stand out from many washing products is that dishwashing gel can combine all the functions in one gel. Here we need to ask the production factory to be able to produce at least the ability to produce multi-cavity dishwashing gel. We can choose to cooperate with Foshan Jingliang Daily Chemical Co., Ltd, because Jingliang not only has the experience of OEM dishwashing beads for domestic and foreign big brands, but also has its own modelling and formula research and development team, with a huge amount of modelling and formulas for you to choose from; it is easy to help you to build your own brand of dishwashing beads.

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