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Event | Elite Daily Chemical Exhibition first day of heavy debut

Event | Elite Daily Chemical Exhibition first day of heavy debut


Today, the 5th Shanghai International Toiletries Exhibition in 2023 was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The exhibition gathered new products, new technologies and new equipments of the whole industrial chain, and brought together domestic and foreign famous brands of explosive products and national tide of toiletries, as a leading enterprise of China's gel bead products, Essence of Brightness Daily carried the group's brands of Jinyun and Momfavor to make a brilliant debut.

Innovative explosive products lead the new trend

In the development of the global toiletry market, "innovation" plays a crucial role. As consumers' requirements for toiletries continue to improve, the emergence of new groups of people and the emergence of new consumer needs have gradually subdivided the toiletry industry, and the industry has shown a refined situation of development.

Foshan Jingliang daily chemical closely follow the trend of industry development, grasp the current trends and consumer hotspots, with advanced scientific research strength to stand in the forefront of the industry, from the functionality and product segmentation on the continuous upgrading, through the optimisation of the product texture, efficacy and flavour, according to the different consumer groups in the application of scenarios, fragrance, efficacy of the comprehensive upgrade, to create an innovative pop-up products.
In the exhibition hall, the remarkable Jingliang daily chemical series of new products, divided into the net allow sports series, natural series, women's series and the whole family "clothing" washing series, really in line with the user's needs to stimulate the user, Jingliang daily chemical series of new products obviously in the cleaning industry to make a model, fully embodies the strength of the brand as well as the level of product innovation! It became the focus of the scene.

Pink care series series using "fragrance +" progressive decontamination wash, the first note is grapefruit, middle note is black currant, marine incense, after the cedar, a kind of similar to the female skin on the water scent comes, the first scattered aroma is fresh green incense and the combination of the sea, crystal clear water rhyme gently spread, the fragrance of the flowers followed by the fragrance, grey, amber and wood scent secretly point. Amber and woody notes are subtly accented to create a misty, detached and unfathomable sense of watery mist. Heal yourself, drive emotional health, stimulate positive emotions, and guide the market from the 4.0 era of "fine management of care" to the 5.0 era.

Professional team, brand endorsement
The packed reception area at the exhibition site demonstrated the professionalism and service capability of the brand's sales team. The sales team is full of vitality, efficient and cooperative work, with skilful sales skills and good communication ability, they will be targeted questions to understand the actual needs of the visitors, and according to the needs of tailor-made product solutions. Green product concepts, brand advantages, accurately conveyed to each visitor, they are the most beautiful spokesman of the essence of bright day chemical!  

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