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The 22nd CBME exhibition for pregnancy, infancy and childhood was successfully concluded.

The 22nd CBME exhibition for pregnancy, infancy and childhood was successfully concluded.


On June 30th, the three-day 22nd CBME in 2023 came to a perfect end at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition aims to promote and facilitate international exchanges and trade cooperation in the global pregnancy, baby and child industry, and this pregnancy and baby event restarted after one year brought together the latest technology and products from more than 300 enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions, and showed the latest trends and development of the pregnancy, baby and child industry in 2023. The latest trends and development of the industry.

Technology drives innovation, quality forges the future

Mother and baby market is a huge and fast-developing market, new opportunities, accompanied by new challenges; with the improvement of living standards and people's concern for health, toiletries are gradually refined, the quality of mother and baby products are also constantly improving the quality of requirements for baby products, consumers focus on the natural components of the product without additives and the quality of the product on the professionalism of the product, the product's non-toxic, non-hazardous ingredients and natural additives is what they pay attention to. Natural additive-free is what they focus on.

In addition, with the change of modern families, consumer demand for maternal and child products are also different, in order to achieve the convenience of consumers travelling or out of the house, the function of the product presents the diversity and practicality of the product is more deeply loved by the consumers, a single product multi-scene "a bead of multi-purpose" more attractive to them.
Innovation-driven development, craftsmanship to build the brand, the essence of the bright daily chemical as a collection of research and development, production, sales as one of the innovative manufacturing organisations, focusing on quality, looking for product differentiation, according to the actual needs of different groups of people, the launch of a diversified range of products, the new series of mother and baby laundry gel beads can meet the consumer from the aroma, function of the multi-faceted needs.


New products are stunningly presented, showing strong R & D power

In this pregnancy, baby and children's exhibition, Jingliang Daily Chemical brought a new series of mother and baby washing products based on technological innovation and independent raw material research and development --- mother and baby series of laundry gel beads. As an enterprise focusing on innovation and R&D, we have an experienced R&D team to ensure that we are always at the forefront of technology and R&D. The natural, non-additive, safe and non-toxic properties of the new mother and baby series of products of Elite Bright meets the demands of mother and baby populations for safety, health and environmental protection.

Quality service, quality as the root

The lovely shape and innovative exhibits of Elite Gel attracted the eyes and attention of many exhibitors, and the Elite people through on-site demonstrations, explanations and interactive exchanges with the audience, so that the audience has a more in-depth understanding of our products and services.
This exhibition not only builds a platform for various industries to display and promote their products, but also provides an efficient communication channel for exhibitors and enterprises, and the complete success of the exhibition has injected new vigour and power into the development of the industry. We are looking forward to the next exhibition, writing and witnessing the new chapter of daily chemical exhibition together with you.  

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