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Passion is like fire, turn on the burning mode!

Passion is like fire, turn on the burning mode!


Last year, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, pregnancy and baby exhibition had to be postponed, repeatedly postponed to be held; finally today, 2023, the 22nd China CBME pregnancy, baby and children's exhibition in the attention of millions of people in the grand opening, set off a carnival mother and child supplies spectacle.

Technology drives industry, innovation leads the future
Jingliang always adheres to the mission of "continuously improving quality and letting customers add value", deeply understands customers' expectations and feedback, analyses customers' needs and market trends, continuously optimizes product design and production processes, and introduces advanced technologies and processes to improve product reliability, stability and consistency.


Based on market demand, strengthen product innovation
Elite Bright daily chemical company ploughs into the daily chemical industry, based on the market demand, strengthen the research and development of new technology and new products, optimize the production and research and development process, and activate the vitality of innovation and research and development; this exhibition Elite Bright has brought the comprehensive upgraded formula of the mother and baby series, which is a combination of natural plant raw materials and modern scientific and technological combination, with mild and non-stimulating formulas that do not contain harmful chemical substances, to achieve zero-additive, low-foaming easy to clean, and gently take care of the delicate baby skin. In addition, a variety of natural antibacterial ingredients are added to effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction and breeding, a solution to a variety of daily stains, delivering a safe, natural and gentle pregnancy and baby products to the market.

Exquisite service to win the good people, excellent brand casting brilliant
The new products made a big splash and aroused the strong interest of the customers who visited the exhibition site, and the exhibition site had a warm atmosphere with a steady stream of visitors. Many families came to the exhibition with their babies, and they carefully consulted in front of the booth, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the products, eager to find the right products and solutions for their babies.

The exhibition will continue for a few more days, and we look forward to continuing to bring you more surprises and excitement in the time to come.

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