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Laundry Gel OEM factory, why we choose Foshan Jingliang Daily Chemicals

Laundry Gel OEM factory, why we choose Foshan Jingliang Daily Chemicals


I. Because Foshan Jingliang is a laundry gel OEM factory.
Foshan Jingliang Daily Chemical Products Co., Ltd. belongs to Bowie Group, specialising in the research and development, production of liquid, powder, powder-liquid mixture of various series of laundry gel, can provide customers with OEM/ODM OEM services. Product shape covers single cavity, double cavity, three cavities and other types, the business scope covers laundry gel, dishwashing gel, shampoo and shower gel (washing gel), foot gel, pet gel, etc.; to provide customers with a variety of use scenarios of professional custom services; Bowie Group focuses on one-stop service for water-soluble packaging, our own R & D, production and sales of laundry gel production line, PVA packaging water-soluble film; therefore we are Therefore, we have a natural advantage in the OEM supporting the beads, which can better guarantee the quality and delivery of the beads.

Foshan Jingliang has a professional formulation development team for the gel beads to provide customers with a variety of niche scenarios dedicated to the use of development services. Foshan Jingliang has a professional water-soluble film, water-soluble packaging machine R & D and manufacturing base, to provide a full range of systematic protection. 25,000 square metres of special production plant for gelatin beads, automatic feeding system, automatic gelatin beads filling machine and automatic packaging line, Jingliang daily chemical to achieve full automation, and constantly upgrade and optimize the production efficiency, to meet the needs of all kinds of special custom.

II. Because Elite Bright has the experience of OEM for domestic and foreign daily chemical giants.

With excellent OEM strength, customer-centred and honest business philosophy, Elite Bright has gained the trust and cooperation opportunities from domestic and foreign daily chemical giants; because the big brands have very strict requirements for their products, Elite Bright has accumulated valuable OEM experience and trained a high-quality team while cooperating with these domestic and foreign famous brands. Therefore, finding the OEM of Elite Bright means choosing the same high-quality gel products as the big brands, which can help you to build your own brand and reduce your worries.

Ⅲ. Because compared with other OEM factories, Elite Bright has four major advantages

Because Anna has its own gel R & D team, we are able to provide customers with more flexible customised solutions for laundry gel, compared with other competitors, Anna has four significant advantages: saving, fast, full, large.
① Save: save money and time for customers, large-scale production can provide the best cost and delivery time.
② Fast: Responding to customers quickly, focusing on the advantages of equipment and film development to provide customers with tailor-made personalised products.
③ Full: complete categories, comprehensive development capabilities, can provide a variety of series, a variety of shapes, a variety of applications.
Large: 20 professional production lines, 75 acres of land to be built to work with you.

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