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What are some good looks of Guangdong Laundry Gel Beads Factory?

What are some good looks of Guangdong Laundry Gel Beads Factory?


Good laundry gel modelling helps to improve sales, the current laundry gel market is very diverse modelling, can be said to be a mixture of fish and dragons, we are in the gel beads OEM production is generally a large amount of starting quantity, but the direction of the wrong choice will often cause great losses, so in the formal order must do a good job in the market research work before; looking for gel beads OEM factories in Guangdong, then you can go to Foshan Jingliang to see what are the good-looking and best-selling! The modelling for our reference.

I. Best-selling modelling: clover
Clover is considered to be a plant only found in the Garden of Eden, and the plum blossom inside the playing card is the lucky clover, and the number of clover represents true love, health and honour. Come and get your lucky clover and bring home luck and health!

II. Best-selling modelling: Love + Heart

This shape is two love hearts ♥♥♥ Oh, we call it love + heart, the meaning of heart to heart. What colour is your heart? The scene is looking forward to your brainstorming Oh, so that more partners can see the colourful expression of the heart it.

Ⅲ. Best-selling modelling: windmill
This shape is called the windmill, in traditional Chinese culture, the windmill, also known as the wheel of good luck, bagua wind wheel, the four seasons of peace; also represents the joy and good luck, meaning family happiness, prosperity, four seasons of peace. Let's make a blessing windmill!

Ⅳ. Best-selling modelling: care
This shape we named care, it is from the hands made of the shape of care evolved, both parents care for melon melon fall child, care for TA grown up, send parents to the child full of blessings, but also have Anna bright to care for nature, help green sustainable development determination.

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