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The 3rd Hangzhou E-Commerce New Channel Expo of Jingliang Daily Chemical ended perfectly

The 3rd Hangzhou E-Commerce New Channel Expo of Jingliang Daily Chemical ended perfectly


For every brand, every exhibition is a stage for the competition, and Jingliang daily chemical always shines every time, attracting the attention of countless people inside and outside the industry. From March 27 to 29, the third Hangzhou E-commerce New Channel Expo was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. This exhibition gathered famous brands from all over the world, 100,000 + visitors, 100+ heavyweight political and business celebrities to support the scene, and held a number of customized forums at the same time. The scene was a sea of people and wonderful. Among them, laundry beads have become the focus of attention at the exhibition.

As one of the most advanced laundry products in the world, laundry gel beads have become the focus of attention in the industry with their multi-functional, ultra-concentrated and easy-to-use advantages. As a new product, laundry gel has also gained the favour of many exhibitors at this year's show. So, what new technology has been incorporated into laundry detergent and laundry beads? What is the strength that has captured the hearts of many visitors to the exhibition? Let's take a look back at the show in Hangzhou!

       At the exhibition, Jingliang with its brand "CLEANPERMIT" laundry condensation beads appeared. Microcapsules are added into the laundry beads, and the lock technology combines its unique lock black technology with the laundry beads. When the clothes are washed by the laundry beads, the stay black technology can form a natural barrier between the clothing fibers, blocking the contact between water and oxygen and the clothes, so that the clothes can maintain a lasting aroma. At the same time, through the unique fragrance technology, laundry condensation beads can keep the fragrance on the clothes for a long time, and is regulated and sublimated by human body temperature to make the fragrance last longer.   

The team members of Jingliang were in their best spirit to introduce the company's special products to each visitor and showcase Jingliang's strength. The staff also meticulously answered customers' questions about the laundry gel and discussed and exchanged ideas together.

The bustling crowd shows the recognition of Jingliang's products and services

With the spirit of craftsmanship and the culture of excellence, Jingliang is committed to providing safer and better quality products to meet the needs of our customers and to create the most competitive products and services.

The exhibition may be over, but our enthusiasm has not faded. The attention and expectations of all of you will strengthen our steps towards the future. We thank you for your attention and company, and let's make a promise to see you again at the next exhibition!

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