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by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Used in daily life, we do more is washing powder and detergent to wash clothes, and a new product in the market now, call the laundry, so what is the laundry tablets?

1, hand washing, generally choose the close-fitting underwear, long Johns and some other good rubbing clothes with the hand, some other big use washing machine. Basin filled with water ( Don't be too cool gentle best) , don't add too much water, just swamped the clothes line. Like underwear, shirts, one can wash more than 10 pieces, if only to wash a few pieces of, according to an article of clothing with one over ten of the volume, tore off a piece of it. Put the laundry tablets bowl stir a stir, see the water change color, slippery feeling is ok. Laundry is low foam, don't put much waste.

2, machine wash: actually, like hand washing reason, after water, put the laundry.

3, kitchen utensils and appliances categories: pot scale, put some laundry slice of bubble pot with hot water for a few minutes, then brush with steel ball; Lampblack machine, after removed, fetched water, concentration of the big points, and then soak for a while, wipe with cloth plus steel wire ball, can put the bad pulled down good water use dishcloth or watering can, spray to the above and then scrub. Note: the surface of the pot, the more smooth, clean easy, will spend some time on the contrary, wiped a few times more.

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