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6 suits maintenance tips to make your life more durable - 'shirt' Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Suit is indispensable to man shirt, attend each big occasions, as long as have a good suit, can show your unique taste. Man is choosing a suit at the same time, please be kind to your shirt, if there is no proper cleaning and maintenance, again is also expensive suit can submit an expense account. Now teach you simple 6 suits maintenance method, let your suit more durable life!

1. Dry cleaning is given priority to

suit is the most taboo is hand washing, bleaching and twist, is the best way of washing dry cleaning, but the number of dry cleaning to avoid too much, otherwise easy to damage material, it is a good material may also be destroyed by chemical detergent to, had better not more than 1 times a year so suit dry-cleaned.

2. Use brush

if suit some buried sewage, directly using the brush clean can, under the brush to brush on market suit dustiness, suggest brush after each wearing a, reduce dust contamination, dust, after all, is one of the killer damage suits, even hurt fiber, life cut short suit.

3. Simple anti-wrinkle

for a long time to wear a suit appears unavoidably frown, in addition to have convenient hanging function of hot pressing suit now, the easiest way is to hang on a bit there is moisture, such as hang suits in just take a shower good bathroom, use steam help anti-wrinkle, but also suggest that don't play too long, so as to avoid humidity affect the forming results.

4. Pocket don't put things

many people used to keep some change in my suit pocket or sundry, replaced and then forget to pick up the home, directly back to the chest, actually such easy to cause a suit pocket something hanging out of shape, suggest that suit two outside pockets don't put goods, some impurities can be placed inside the suit bag.

5. Two consecutive days, avoid wearing the same suit

wear a suit to avoid two days in a row, because of a suit of cloth fiber malleable, if wear the local deformation may occur too often, then you will have a difficult recovery. Therefore suggested to prepare two suits, alternately to rest your shirt at the right moment.

6. With hangers hang up

suit usually don't wear, the best way to receive is to use the width of circular arc form is special suit hangers hang up, handle this kind of hangers are usually made from joint suit hangers, can hang suits and pants as well, the last in the recommended dustproof cover, and in a well ventilated place.
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