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80% of people don't know knowledge of laundry, look at how much you can learn! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
1. Platen washing machine is province hydropower

platen washing machine at about 5 gallons of water, wash a bucket of clothes and pulsator washing machine to almost 20 gallons, in the case of low temperature, the kind of water to be heated is not easy.

2. Less soap more clean

soap can effectively remove stains, but many people don't know in the water, the effect has been greatly restricted. Experts say that too much soap can inhibit self decontamination ability, because in the water the soap & other; Capture the stain and calm again on clothes, rather than removing stains from clothing. Because this expert suggests don't use too much soap.

3. At the washing machine is hopeless live

for pulsator washing machine, to maintain the clothes inside bucket of fluffy. If it is a drum washing machine, try to put the clothes out, let them on it. Reasonable use of good work to make the washing machine.

4. Why do people think summer clothes is better than in the winter?

general cold water washing clothing label labeling refers to 30 degrees Celsius above the water. In fact in some areas, even lower than the water temperature of 10 degrees in winter. The water temperature is not suitable for laundry, wash not clean. Experts say if life in the northern region, want to wash clothes in the winter more clean, wash with warm water wash.

5. Not all clothes rub off and bleaching on

when washing machine, clothes roll into a ball and tearing each other, this process can make the dress color peeling off each other. If more water, less clothes will wash not clean, to a dark. Experts say: put on some clothes less, especially much put some water to wash deep color clothes, let the clothes soak in water, can wash cleaner.

6. How to get rid of musty in washing machine

in the washing machine with hot water to join the bleach, start the idling soon had no taste. In the washing machine before you get cover open, let the rotten smell inside spread to wash again.

7. Clothes itself didn't spot, why have the washing?

when you squeeze of lemon or open the filling soda, are often splashes, forming an invisible stain on the dress. These material in hot water after washing and drying will be dominant. If you don't want to give your clothes & throughout; Surprise & quot; So in daily life to care.

8. Sometimes T-shirt after drying has a small hole in the

excessive bleaching can make cotton fabric shrinkage, lead to damaged fabric of cotton and t-shirts presented in a small hole in the final.
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