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Baby how do you use the laundry soap - _ to pay attention to when using Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
In life, there are a lot of expectant mothers wash the baby clothes are going to take it easy, just like ordinary washing clothes.

but so that it is not safe to baby health. Because no matter from the choice of detergent, or the use of washing methods, have knowledge greatly. Below, specially from the aspects of baby clothes washing laundry soap to baby how to correctly use the

a laundry soap, baby how to use the

baby clothes soaked with water, then put the laundry soap daub again on clothes by hand to knead, finally to be cleaned with water. Please put the baby laundry soap in a cool and dry place at room temperature preservation, and can't touch place in infants and young children to avoid accidents.

2, baby laundry soap using note

1, pay attention to the production batch number (before buying Have a plenty of production date, have a plenty of limited use date) , in general, the expiration of the laundry soap is three years.

2, pay attention to the using method, generally open packaging, will need to direct inunction after washing clothes soaked with water, scrub with the hand, the key difficult to wash the parts can be repeated washing several times.

3, the use of careful not to get into eyes, if not careful can immediately get into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

4, after use, remove water from the soap box, prevent the soap body paste.

5, in the winter, when using suggestion with warm water washing, in order to increase the solubility of laundry soap.

6, don't get direct sunlight in the store, do not get wet by rain.

7, remember must rinse clean, or have a chemical residue on clothes for the baby skin produces the damage effect.

three laundry soap, baby how to choose and buy

1, watch brand

adults with normal laundry soap has many components will remain in the relic harm the baby, baby dedicated brand stimulus is lesser, can better protect the skin.

2, see packing:

packaging, pincer-like device seal integrity, without damage, the pattern is legible.

3, see the soap body:

smooth appearance, pattern is legible, without impurities, transparent soap should be crystal clear, whitening soap should be white and clean; The soap body wants moderate hardness, too soft, durable, is too stiff to use convenient. If appear dark color or appearance has obvious spots may have deteriorated.

4, smell:

each soap has a scent, the smell of soap body should comply with the provisions of scent, and taste; If there is a obvious acidity may have deteriorated.
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